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Every child is unique when it comes to learning to use the toilet. Some kids in Canada can start as early as 18 months, but most kids start between the ages of 2 and 4. 

Parenting a toddler is not an easy task, toilet training might seem as a significant developmental milestone for young children. Make sure you stay patient through the process and follow your child’s cues through each step of the process. Stay focused on making your child independent right from a young age by inculcating healthy habits by training them. One such training which you need to give your child is “Toilet Training.'' Let's understand the “3 things to keep in your mind while potty training your child in Canada.” 

Why Is Potty Training For Children Important?

Toilet Training is quite a complex process as every child picks up these habits differently and learns in different ways. It is important to teach your child the basics of potty training as the child moves from cloth diapers to be fully toilet trained.

Toilet training a child is a crucial stage since it teaches them to be more autonomous. Especially if it's a requirement to enroll your child in daycare or school in Canada, there may be a lot of pressure to potty train your child. To help your little one learn the basics of potty training, we have come up with some potty training tips for your toddler to learn them correctly.

3 Things To Keep In Your Mind While Toilet Training Your Child in Canada

  • Make sure the child is ready for potty training

Try not to rush with the potty training activity. Your child will give you some signals that he is ready for training. Even though it can be started at an early stage, research has shown that kids who begin potty training before 18 months of age are not fully trained. It is advisable to wait until 18 months and then start with toilet training for children. But before you start, be sure to stock up on the essential items:- 

The three things that you will need are: 

  • A potty seat – Many parents choose to use a potty seat that attaches to a standard toilet seat, but some would rather have their child start on a potty chair before moving on to a potty seat. The decision is solely based on your baby's comfort.
  • Pull up padded underwear or potty-training pants to help you quickly and cleanly change your baby's underwear without making a mess all over the place. Check out SuperBottoms selection of padded underwear in adorable prints.
  • A book or a song about potty training if your toddler is still not comfortable with the process to get them in their comfort zone.
  1. Involve your child in toilet training activity

Get your child involved in the potty training activity. Right from shopping for toilet training tools like seats and diapers, involve your child in every fun-loving activity. Indulging in reading together while on the toilet may help make it more enjoyable and easy for your child to relax. Bonus if you read to your child while they are sitting on the toilet; they will be more enthusiastic about the potty training process.

The best books for potty training are listed here.

Pick fun reusable diapers with their favorite prints and playful toilet seats to assist your child to relate to and engaging with potty training.

  1. Track and Reward 

To begin your toddler with potty training in the cold weather of Canada make sure your child is totally out of diapers and is wearing regular clothing to begin using the process. With older children who are only occasionally wearing diapers by this age, this works better. 

Children at this age can understand mess and get annoyed by moisture and mess. They will discover how to recognize physical indications and the urge to urinate or poop. They will begin communicating the urge to use the restroom once this stage has passed. 

Accidents could happen occasionally, therefore you'll need to practice patience while using this approach. Every time your child successfully uses the bathroom, show your appreciation and provide positive feedback. This might help them gain confidence. While during this process make sure that you ask your child often if they want to use the bathroom is necessary.

Your Toddler’s Potty-Training Companion - SuperBottoms Padded Underwear 

What worries you the most about all the pee and poop is the mess it will make? We've got your back, so don't worry. SuperBottoms Padded underwear is what you need to save your sofas, bed sheets, and other surfaces!

However, let's try to define padded underwear first.

To absorb poop and prevent urine puddles from forming, padded underwear, often known as potty-training pants, are pull-up style underwear with thick padding.

Bottom Line 

So, these are the basic steps and things to keep in mind while potty training your child. Make sure that the potty training activity is fun so that your child enjoys it and embraces it healthily and interestingly.

Potty training can be a difficult procedure for some Canadian parents at first, so we've provided some tips to assist you to train your kids gently and correctly. We've listed down three things parents in Canada should keep in mind when toilet training their kids to make the process easier.

Key Takeaways 

  • Patience is a must 

Parenting a toddler is difficult, so be patient and listen to your child's cues at every stage.

  • Follow the Checklist 

Starting your child's potty training requires you to be prepared with items such as a potty seat, padded underwear, books, or songs; therefore, stock up on these items before you begin training your toddler.

  • Always Reward 

Show your appreciation and provide positive feedback every time your child successfully uses the restroom. This could boost their self-esteem.


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