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Importance of Toilet Training For Child


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Whenever a baby achieves a milestone, it is like a day of festivities for parents. Every small, big thing your baby will do and every milestone they achieve will be etched in your memory forever. The importance of toilet training is a mile high on the chart. That is because it is a skill that for some kids, might not take much time and effort, but for most kids, potty training takes a lot of effort, patience, and time. This is one milestone that can neither be rushed nor delayed. It will happen at the right time; thus, the importance of potty training is not just in the result but also in the process. This article will discuss the importance of potty training, when it should happen and what to remember while initiating the process of training your child!

When To Begin Toilet Training

There is no specific age at which toilet training needs to start. However, due to the importance of toilet training for a child, it is also essential that you begin at the right time, neither early nor late. Toilet training does not depend upon age but the readiness of your child. You can start toilet training when your child shows the following signals:

Your baby can communicate in words or gestures, and signs.
Your baby understands the importance of toilet training and shows eagerness to use it when they see an adult use the toilet.
Your baby tells you when they have soiled a diaper and asks to be put in a clean diaper or underwear.
The gap between two pee cycles is at least 2 hours.
Your baby can wear clothes on their own and pull padded underwear up or down on their own.

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Risks Of Late Toilet Training

While toilet training your child, it is imperative to be gentle with them and let them take charge of the process instead of forcing them into learning. But sometimes, too much leniency can lead to delays in toilet training. It is completely fine medically to wait till the age of three years, but if you do not start beyond that age, certain risks are associated with late toilet training (1):

Risk of poor bladder functioning
Regular constipation
Pee and poop accidents during the daytime
Urinary tract infection
Bedwetting during nap or nighttime
Inability to control the urge to poop

Benefits Of Kids Potty Training

The importance of toilet training is not just associated with the fact that your baby can pee or poop in the toilet seat. There are other behavioral and emotional benefits toilet-trained is toilet training. Here are some vital benefits of toilet training for kids:

Being toilet-trained gives your child a sense of accomplishment and independence.
No diapers equal fewer expenses.
Suppose you have been using a disposable diaper; after being toilet trained, your child’s exposure to harsh chemicals such as dioxins is stopped via diapers. These are harmful chemicals that can reduce the immunity of your child. (2)
Toilet training helps build healthy habits and discipline in following schedules for your baby.
Once they can make the whole process, including wiping or washing the bum and washing their hands, it builds confidence in children to take up more complex challenges.
And, of course, it saves time and energy for parents and caregivers!

Things To Keep In Mind During Toilet Training for Kids

If you understand the importance of kids toilet training and have started toilet training or are about to start, the following tips will help you:

It is not just you as a parent who must understand the importance of toilet training. Sit the whole family and caregivers down and talk to them about the importance of toilet training. If your child goes to daycare, take the caretakers on board and ask them to replicate your efforts.
Be gentle with your child if they accidentally pee or, poop in potty training pants or diaper pants
Make the process fun for them by including books, music, and stories.
Be consistent in the routine.
If your child is anxious, calm them and take a break. Again, be consistent, but do not force them into the process.
Appreciate every win. Every time they pee or poop in the pot and pull their pants up, wash their hands, make it a big deal and shower them with appreciation.

Tips To Follow Once Training Is Started

Congratulations! You understood the importance of toilet training and now have crossed one of the most significant milestones of your toddler’s life! Now what? Here are some tips to help keep the consistency and help your child master the art of using the toilet:

Keep reminding them repeatedly and asking if they want to pee or poop. Sometimes if they are busy playing, they will not ask to be taken to the toilet and will eventually not be able to control the pressure.
Having an accidental pee or poop is normal initially. Please do not be harsh with them.
Build other good hygiene habits on the side. For example, wiping the toilet seat before using it, flushing the toilet, washing hands, wiping hands, etc., are skills that go hand in hand with toilet training.

Toilet training doesn’t have to be a pain point for you if you have all the knowledge and accessories needed and if you understand the importance of toilet training. So, keep calm and use the toilet train!


1. Beginning at the right time is the key. Start the process of potty training when your baby is ready.
2. Toilet training your baby in time will save you the expenses of diapers as well as prepare them and make them independent.
3. Involve your child and empower them for a better success rate.


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