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Potty training is a monumental milestone for every child and parent, so if you have your little boy ready to take the plunge and ditch the SuperBottoms UNO diapers, Congratulations! However, potty training your little boy may seem overwhelming now, mainly because you would have heard that training boys are harder than potty training baby girls. This is a fact, as developmental research suggests that boys' brains develop differently than girls, as boys need to do the same activity repeatedly to learn! Moreover, teaching your toddler baby boy to pee while standing up, and sitting down while pooping, can make this training a bit complicated. But worry not, as in this article, we have provided a step-by-step guide to potty train your baby boy!


Before you get your child to tread on the potty-training journey, it is essential to know if your baby boy is ready for it. This step of ensuring his readiness is necessary, or else potty training can be filled with frustration and setbacks. So how do you know if your little man is ready to move out of diapers? Well, it's simple, you need to look out for the following few signs and stay alert to your boy's behavior:

1. If your baby can walk to and sit on the toilet
2. If he can pull his pants off and back on again
3. If he can stay dry for an extended period
4. If he can follow basic instructions
5. If he communicates that he needs to use the potty
6. He shows interest in using the potty or wearing padded underwear


The duration of potty training your little boy depends on his readiness and personality. Each baby's potty-training journey is unique based on its development. According to experts, most children can have control over their bladder and bowel movements between 3-4 years of age. Some studies show if you are to potty train your little boy a while before 36 months, the journey can be long and requires a lot of patience. While other studies suggest that if you potty train your boy at an early age, you tend to complete the training earlier than usual.

However, as we mentioned before, the overall duration of potty training for your baby boy will depend on his individuality and readiness. So, in the next section, we have provided you with a complete step-by-step guide to help your toddler baby boy pee and poop by himself!

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Before you kickstart your potty-training journey with your baby boy, you might want to figure out the specific approach. There are quite a few potty-training approaches out there; a few of them we have listed below for you:

1. Toilet Training in Less Than a Day
2. 3-Day Potty Training Method
3. No-Cry Potty Training Solution

While choosing the approach, make sure that it fits the needs of your child and family. Moreover, you don't need to go serving with your first approach selected. So, if one method does not work, you can take a little break and try another. To make your life a little easier, we have jotted down some important things to consider when choosing a specific approach:

1. The amount of time you want to devote to training
2. The readiness of your little boy to potty train
3. How does the method fit into your everyday life


As the next step, you need to collect the necessary potty-training supplies for your baby boy which can include the following:

1. Potty training chair with a splash guard to ensure that your toddler baby boy's pee does not stray off.
2. SuperBottoms Padded Underwear helps absorb accidents and prevents them from spilling.
3. Loose and comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and loose pants
4. Toilet time targets
5. Books on potty training
6. His favorite Upcycled Toy
7. Hand soap with their favorite cartoons to make the process of washing hands fun

Besides this essential checklist, you may also want to get a few small prizes for that added motivation, such as their favorite stickers, treats, etc.

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Now that you have all you need, select a date and dive right in. Mark the day on your calendar, and begin potty training your baby boy, but ensure to make it fun for him. You can make this process enjoyable for your little boy by watching potty-centric episodes of your child's favorite television show or reading books on the matter. Try to educate your child about this process so that he remains a little prepared for what will happen.

Potty training your toddler boy is likely to come with many accident risks, so you might want to stay home and keep a hawk-eye watch on your toddler. Try to train your boy during summer, as your child can go without clothing or pants.


Potty training boys comes with an additional step of having to teach your toddler baby boy to pee while standing up. Initially, you can let your boy sit on the potty to pee, but eventually, you want your boy to learn to stand and aim. So, to begin teaching this step, you can take the help of small urinals or time targets to make the process easier. Let us provide you with some handy tips to get your toddler baby boy to pee while standing up:

1. Let your boy stand close to the toilet to shorten the range, making aiming easier.
2. Teach him to hold the far end of his penis while aiming his pee into the bathroom.
3. Practice makes perfect! So, the only way of teaching him is to get him to practice on a routine basis.


You will be surprised that most kids are potty trained in two phases — daytime and nighttime. Potty training your little boy during the day generally comes first, while he uses diapers for naps and overnight sleep. Typically, kids tend to stay dry and be able to use the bathroom at night when they are between 5-7 years of age:

However, here are some handy tips to keep in mind while potty training your boy for night time:

1. Limit water and other beverages intake hours before bedtime.
2. Ask your child to use the potty before heading to bed.
3. To avoid leaks and accidents, top your child's mattress with a protector.


1. Have Patience: Have patience as developmental research suggests that boys' brains develop differently than girls, as boys need to do the same activity repeatedly to learn.

2. Readiness is Necessary: Potty training should begin with a thorough assessment of readiness; otherwise, frustration and disappointments are likely.

3. Acknowledge Efforts: Throughout the journey, acknowledge your little boy's efforts and look out for his needs while staying motivated.

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