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Keep your little ones cool this Summer


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Summers bring along mixed emotions in all of us, no matter what age we are. While we love vacations and holidays, we dread the sweat, dehydration, and heat that come along.

With all the extra playtime, keeping your toddler cool during Summer can surely be a challenge. Heat strokes can be quite common in active kids, and let us not forget those nasty sunburns & rashes.

Summers are even more difficult for little ones. Their delicate skin can't handle too much sunlight. With their bodies not yet capable of regulating their temperature, they overheat and get dehydrated quite quickly. Newborns who overheat during Summer are also at higher health risks.

Don't worry, parents! Some tips and tricks listed here can help you keep your child cool this Summer.

     1. Shade is your best friend

Yes, we all know how heavenly the shade feels during hot summers. So find ways to increase the time spent in the shade. Avoid going out during the hottest part of the day as much as possible. Get your toddler some wide-brimmed hats. Slather on that natural sunscreen when they go out in the sun.
Choose suitable shades for your car seats/windows, baby strollers. Get the right infant sunscreen if you are taking out your young baby in the sun.


2. Keep it cool and airy

Make the house cool. Open the windows and let the air flow. If you are using air conditioners, make sure you keep it at the optimal temperature and not too cold. Keep in mind that the sudden rise in temperature when they get out of the AC is not good for babies. Also, ensure the fans and AC vents don't point directly at the child.


3. Let them breathe

Dress them in light summery clothes, like SuperBottoms Comfort-wear. Choose natural fabrics like organic cotton and Mulmul.
If your baby is young enough to be swaddled, then make sure you dress them lightly under those swaddles. Remember that babies need just one extra layer of clothing than you do.
Go for light body lotions and massage oils during Summer so that their skin is not weighed down and sticky.


4. Chill that tummy

We all know that keeping their insides cool is as equally important as everything else.
For a baby below six months, this is quite simple. Breastfeed them often. Stick to demand feed and feed them as often as they ask for. Keep a close eye on their pee count.
If your baby is completely on solids, then make sure you add some cooling fruits like watermelon, oranges, kiwi, cantaloupe, etc., to their diet. Introduce them to yummy cucumber salads.


5. Keep an eye out for heat strokes/heat exhaustion

When out and about with your little ones, make sure they stay hydrated. Monitor them closely for signs of heat exhaustion. They might get Irritable, cranky, or lethargic. They might refuse to eat or drink. If this goes on to the next level of heatstroke, they might get very sleepy, they might look flushed, might even vomit. If you notice any of these signs, get the baby cooled down and hydrated as quickly and safely as possible. 


At the end of the day, we can't beat the sun, but we can surely beat the heat to some extent. Be informed and be prepared. Enjoy your summers with some extra precautions.


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