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Newborn Skincare Basics for Parents

Newborn baby skin is very delicate; thus, it also needs a routine, a bit of extra care, and products formulated especially for their age and skin. In addition, skin rashes and allergies can be very painful for babies. Thus, baby skincare becomes even more important. This article will help you understand some tips and tricks to keep the newborn skin safe and protected. Explore on!

Baby & Newborn Skincare 

Newborn skin care is not a complex process to master. But because every child has different skin and might have allergies or skin issues that you as parents might not realize unless there is a trigger, in the initial few weeks, you need to be very vigilant and choose the products and routines that suit their skin. So, here are some important tips and things to keep in mind while choosing your newborn baby body and skincare routines.        

  • ◾ While Bathing

Bathing is the most basic of all skincare routines that start from the time one is born. But bathing a tiny little human for the first time, or even the first few weeks, can be scary for new parents.

You might wonder - how to hold them, what products to use, the temperature of the water, etc. There might be a million questions in your mind! Check out our article on How to Bathe a Newborn Baby to get all your questions answered.       

  • ◾ While Diapering

The biggest skin issue that diapering brings along is a diaper rash. However, you can avoid diaper rashes if you keep a few things in mind.

  1.  1. Choose cloth diapers over disposable diapers to avoid plastic and chemicals contacting your baby’s delicate skin and genitals, and thus causing rashes.
  2.   2. Change the diaper frequently.
  3.   3. Give your baby diaper-free time at least once a day between diaper changes to let the skin air dry completely.
  4.   4. Follow a proper wash routine for your cloth diapers.     
  • ◾ While Using Baby Products

It is important to moisturize a newborn baby’s skin, as it loses moisture faster and can get dry and itchy. But choosing the correct personal care products is equally important. Keep the following in mind.

  1.  1.  Choose products that are free from any harsh and harmful chemicals and toxins.
  2.   2.  Look for brands that are certified safe by a trustworthy testing agency.
  3.   3.  Avoid products that have added fragrance or synthetic colours.
  4.   4. Make sure you read the label and check what goes inside your baby’s skincare products.       
  • ◾ Dry Skin Problems

It is very normal for young babies to develop small dry and flaky skin patches as their skin can lose moisture easily. Usually, massaging with good, season-specific massage oil can help deal with this problem, and using a thick moisturizer after the bath is also helpful.

Keep the same points mentioned above while choosing a product for your baby’s dry skin. If the skin is still patchy and flaky after a few days, this might indicate a skin allergy or a rash. Consult your paediatrician and get the product recommended by them for your baby’s skin.       

  • ◾ Skin Allergies

It is very common for babies to have skin allergies and rashes till the age of one year. Unlike us grown-ups, babies cannot control the urge to scratch a rash and end up with an infection. Thus, it is vital to identify an allergy or a rash in the initial stage and get proper treatment.

You can read about Skin Allergies in Babies in our article HERE.

Skin being the largest organ in the human body and most exposed to the external environment, needs to be taken good care of. Following a good routine & ensuring the right products will result in all giggles and no allergies and skin troubles!

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