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Summer holidays are something that every kid eagerly waits for. Learning a new hobby, playing all day, and visiting your grandparents! You had a great time during your summer vacations - but now you are a little bit concerned about your kid's enjoyment during this hot summer. 

And your concern is surely a legit one! Summers in India are not easy. High temperatures, frequent power outages, and unbearable heat waves. 

But for some reason - hot summers are not stopping your kids to go out and play with their friends. Talk about energy and willpower!

And here we are to give tips on how to dress a newborn in summer. (Approved by parents!) 

As a parent, you want to make sure that your kids remain comfortable throughout the summer. This article has compiled frequent concerns we receive, so make sure you read till the end.

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What type of clothes should babies wear in summer?

Before getting started, it is important to know that - we adults, during summer, sweat a lot and that helps our bodies to cool off. Babies and kids do not produce enough sweat and thus it reduces their ability to cool down during summer.

They are also at risk of overheating as they generate more heat during their playtime than adults. 

So it's essential to keep an eye on your little munchkins during the summer to ensure that they're not in any discomfort and that their everyday wear is comfortable.


1. Is your little one hydrated enough?

Babies can’t tell if they are thirsty - make sure you feed them frequently. If your baby is older than 6 months - give them cooled boiled water. 

Young children should be encouraged to make water their main drink and not other fluids. And older kids should be reminded to drink water because they’re way too busy with their playtime.

Also, whenever your child is drinking something or eating something, make sure that they are wearing their waterproof cloth bibs to avoid mess and getting wet during the Indian summer.

2. Say BYE to the sun for a while.

As previously mentioned, babies and toddlers don’t produce enough sweat that allows them to cool down their bodies. 

So it’s highly recommended to not make any plans during the afternoon because that’s when the temperature is super high. Even if they do want to go out then make sure you apply good sunscreen to their bodies. 

There are a lot of brands out there that make sunscreen creams, especially for children. But before applying, do consider testing a small amount of sunscreen on your baby’s skin to check the skin reaction. 

But if your child is super active and doesn’t want to stay at home and play - make sure they are taking enough breaks and provide enough water to drink.

3. Air, Air, and More Cool Air! / Keeping everything ‘cool’

One of your concerns on your to-do list is: which is the best summer season dress for a newborn?

To make sure your children (or you) don’t feel super stuffy and irritated, provide enough ventilation to your room/residence.

Use fans to keep the air circulating. But don’t point the fan directly at your baby. If you’re using an air - conditioner, make sure the room doesn’t get too cold.

It is always recommended to take a lukewarm bath before sleep. Also,  the nighttime wear to a minimum.

4. Choosing the right summer wear clothes

It’s no secret that you should always choose clothes that are made from natural fabrics like cotton, modal, or bamboo for summer. For yourself and your kids. Because natural and lightweight fabrics like cotton allow airflow throughout your kid’s body. 

Keeping this in mind, the #TeamOfMoms at SuperBottoms has designed EVRYdaywear! The wonderful blend of cotton and modal has been proven to be the perfect composition for summer outfits. 

Not only is the fabric breathable but it’s also fuss-free summer clothing. EVRYdaywear has no scratchy tags that irritate your little one’s skin. The bright and vibrant summer prints are made from AZO Free dye that makes them super safe on your kid’s delicate skin.

If you ever happen to pick up a Top & Shorts Set or A Line Dress by EVRYdaywear, you can feel the super soft fabric that gives nothing but comfort to your kids.

5. This one is a BIG NO-NO!

Never leave your baby or toddler in the car during this summer. (Never your pets too).

The environment is already hot by itself and the temperature inside the car tends to get hotter as compared to outside. 

A long car trip? Make your child wear lightweight clothes (See #1) and try to travel during the cool hours of the day.

6. How to avoid Heat Strokes?

This is one of the most serious heat-related illnesses. This happens when your body is unable to control the temperature - your body temperature rises, the sweating mechanism fails, and hence your body is unable to cool down.

To avoid any chances of heat strokes, make sure your baby is always in shade, but not in cars. Keep them hydrated by giving them all the necessary fluids. 

If your baby or kid is showing signs of pale skin, dry mouth or eyes, a sudden stop of heavy sweating, rapid breathing, or headaches - take your kid to a doctor immediately.

7. Bonus Tip!

  • ▪ Gift your child a wide hat.
  • ▪ Love playing in the water? Give them an inflatable pool!
  • ▪ If using a stroller, always go for one that is made from lightweight fabric. 

And that’s the end of our blog! 

While it’s true that you and your little explorer have to take care of a lot of precautions - but if followed, you both can enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest!

It was fun having you read us, make sure you come back for another one :)


1. How to dress: Need to go for breathable fabric and choose light, refreshing colors.

2. Why is it needed: Because it is very hot in summer in India and kids are playing outside so it is necessary to make them comfortable.

3. Best Tips: Ask them to drink as much water as they can, use the best sunscreen for their skin, and choose the right clothes.


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