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5 Months Baby Food: Diet Chart & Recipes


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It’s been 5 months since you welcomed your little one into this world. Your baby has already touched so many developmental milestones and will continue to touch many in the coming months. So providing the proper nutrition and a balanced diet is of the utmost importance for a growing baby. You may have received different advice for feeding solid foods to your 5-month-old.

While some parents would have advised you to provide solid foods at the beginning of 5 months, others recommended waiting until your baby is 6 months old. While there is no water-tight rule that you need to follow here. It is just a matter of identifying your baby’s needs and cues for solid foods. And if you are already wondering what constitutes the right 5-month baby food and the signs your baby is asking for solid foods, then this article is just for you!

Signs your 5-Month Old Baby is Asking For Solid Foods

As parents of a growing baby, you need to stay extremely alert. You must constantly look out for the signs and cues your baby gives, whether changing their SuperBottoms cloth diapers or feeding them some yummy solid foods. So we have provided you with some noticeable signs that your 5-month-old is asking for solid foods-

1 ▪ Your baby seems unsatisfied after the breastfeeding session and asks for more to cure their hunger.
2 ▪ Your baby has reasonable control over their head movement and can sit with little or no support.
3 ▪ Your little one has lost the tongue thrust reflex and now can open their mouth easily for a spoon.
4 ▪ You spot your baby looking at your play with curiosity and indicate that they want to eat the same.

If there are any of the above signs that your baby is giving, they are ready to introduce healthy and nutritious 5-month baby food into their diet. However, ensure that you never compromise on the formula feed or breast milk to serve solid foods to your baby. Breast milk should remain the main ingredient of your baby’s diet until they turn 6 months old.

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Inclusions in 5-Month Baby Food Chart

Instead of giving your child packaged 5-month baby food, starting with homemade and natural food is best. Although there is no fixed meal plan that you can consider apt, you can try and test from the list of meals you can offer to your little one at this point. Hence to make things easier for you, we have included a list of essential items you must give to your 5-month-old baby below -

1 ▪ Breast milk or formula milk
2 ▪ Mashed banana
3 ▪ Mashed avocado
4 ▪ Pear sauce
5 ▪ Apple puree
6 ▪ Well-cooked, and pureed carrot, peas, sweet potato or pumpkin
7 ▪ Pulse soup, made after boiling pulse in water
8 ▪ Rice water after boiling rice in sufficient water
9 ▪ Sago water
10 ▪ Single grain cerelac, such as rice, or try out some oat recipes because they are the least allergic food items for babies.

5-Month Baby Food Homemade Recipes

Providing your baby with the right amount of nutrition while introducing them to solid foods for the first is challenging. You may often wonder, how can your food be delicious while being healthy and nutirious? Well, we have got your back! Below are some of the homemade 5-month baby food recipes for you to try.

Single Grain Cerelac Recipe

1 ▪ Roast some clean rice in a pan and blend it into a blender to make it into fine powder.
2 ▪ Add a spoon of this rice powder into the formula milk or breastmilk, and bring it to a boil while stirring continuously.
3 ▪ Simmer for 5 minutes until it is cooked properly.
4 ▪ Make sure it has a liquid or paste-like consistency.
5 ▪ Serve a little warm.
6 ▪ Alternatively, you can replace the rice with oatmeal, but avoid adding sugar to the cerelac.

Apple or Pear Sauce

1 ▪ Peel, remove the seeds and cut the apple or pear.
2 ▪ Boil the cut pieces until they are tender
3 ▪ Once boiled, mash the apples or pear to achieve a smooth paste-like consistency.
4 ▪ Sieve the paste, if required, and Serve this 5-month baby food to your little one.

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Banana or Avocado Mash Recipe

1 ▪ Peel the ripe banana or avocado.
2 ▪ Mash the banana or avocado with a fork or blend it in the grinder.
3 ▪ Serve it in the form of a puree, or you can add milk to it before serving.
4 ▪ Bananas are the best ingredient in 5-month baby food as it is rich in potassium.

Essentials Feeding Tips For Your 5-Month-Old Baby

Before we end this article, we did like to provide some of the basic yet most essential feeding tips for your 5-month-old baby-

1 ▪ Since you will feed your baby solid foods for the first time, watch out for any type of allergy to the specific food item. In case you notice any allergic symptoms, immediately contact your paediatrician.
2 ▪ Always test the solid food by giving your baby in small quantities.
3 ▪ Do not scold o get upset with your baby if they do not finish their meal; let them slowly develop their taste buds.
4 ▪ Remember that breastmilk or formula milk is essential to your baby’s diet.
5 ▪ Breast milk is the primary source of nutrition for your baby in the 5-month baby food chart.
6 ▪ Always use your finger to feed your baby rather than using cutlery.

Key Takeaways

We hope this article was helpful. We recommend you consult your doctor before giving solid foods to your baby. The 5-month baby food chart we provided above is merely for reference, and you must follow your instincts and doctor’s advice. Most babies develop an eating pattern, which can be slowly shaped into a schedule. If your baby gets the proper nutrition, it is acceptable to experiment with different plans.


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