SuperBottoms Potty Training Pants / Padded Underwear are the perfect solution to provide mess-free and diaper-free time to your little ones. SuperBottoms Potty Training Pant is designed for the active toddler who needs to be potty trained or simply needs a break from the diaper. These are pull-up style best Potty Training Pant that can hold up to 1 pee, are semi-waterproof and have a Super DryFeel Layer on top to keep babies dry & mess-free and NO PEE PUDDLES!

SuperBottoms Potty Training Pants now has a Super DryFeel Layer and is available in 4 sizes. They are suitable for babies aged 9 months to 4 years. With the help of the measurements in the size chart, you can select the perfect size for your baby.

SuperBottoms Potty Training Pant is made of 100% cotton and comes with three layers of cotton padding, which helps prevent leaks and messy pee accidents. In addition, all sizes come with a Super DryFeel Layer on top.

Most babies become very active post 9-months as they become mobile. They need underwear that will stay in place even during playtime. To give them the comfort of a dry feel during their diaper-free time, we have designed Potty Training Pant with a Super DryFeel Layer on top in a pull-up style.

SuperBottoms Potty Training Pant has 3 layers of cotton padding that can hold up to 1 pee for most average wetting babies.

How are these different from baby underwear/boxers/bloomers? 
Between diapers and regular underwear, SuperBottoms Potty Training Pant is a useful stepping stone while making the switch. 

When to use Potty Training Pant? 
They may look very similar to regular underwear, but they stand out because of their 3 layers of cotton padding that can absorb up to 1 pee. Unlike boxers or underwear, these don't make a mess or leak. Potty Training Pant from SuperBottoms could be a fantastic alternative to ordinary underwear. 

What is the material of Potty Training Pant? 
100% Cotton is used to make Potty Training Pant. They don't have any toxic dyes or chemicals in them, and they're handcrafted with lots of love and zero compromises. They are printed with AZO-free colours that are both safe and attractive! 

Can these be used for potty training? 
Potty Training Pants are also best toilet training pants and can help you in toilet training your child. Babies eventually learn to understand the concept of wetness, which may play a significant role in potty training. So, YES! It is possible to potty train your baby without worrying about any mess. 

Will pee/poop leak out of these? 
These are carefully designed to provide mess-free diaper-free time to your little ones. They can hold up to 1 pee depending on the wetting pattern of the baby and may leak once full. 

What if I want to use these on my baby for nap time or overnight? 
We put your baby's safety first. We don't recommend using these during naps or nighttime because they may cause your baby discomfort by spilling and making a mess if they pee more while sleeping. But don't worry, we have cloth diapers that are very convenient for giving your child a good night's sleep. 

How do I wash them? 
Washing and maintaining Potty Training Pant is as easy as using them. 
Here is how you can wash them with your diapers and other laundry loads: 

How to wash : 
Step 1: Rinse the Potty Training Pant under running water to remove the pee/poop. 
Step 2: Add them to your regular laundry and wash them. Use the detergent as per the instructions for your wash load. 
Add a water softener if you have hard water. 
DO NOT use Dettol/fabric softeners/detergent with fragrances/conditioners. 
DO NOT wring hard 
Potty Training Pant can be hand-washed or machine-washed according to your convenience. 

What is the difference between UNO and Potty Training Pant?
UNO Cloth Diapers and Potty Training Pants differ in their functionality and usage.
UNO is a 12 hr absorbency cloth diaper that last all night and Potty Training Pants are ideal for diaper free time and potty training and  hold 1 pee. UNO Cloth Diaper is waterproof, lasts all night, is perfect for diapering and can be used from 0 to 3 years while Potty Training Pant, is ideal for diaper-free time and potty training.
It is semi-waterproof, can hold up to 1 pee, and is suitable for children from 9 months to 4 years.
UNO has 2 sizes - Newborn (2.5kg- 7kg) & Freesize (7 kg-17 kg) while Potty Training Pant has 4 sizes (Size 0 - Size 4).

Do they fall under a free trial? 
Potty Training Pant doesn't fall under our trial policy. We are confident that you are going to love them! 

What is Easy Return? 
Returns/replacements are accepted for unused products only in case of defects, damages during delivery, or missing or wrong products delivered. Return requests can be raised through our moms connect team within 7 days of delivery.