Why Choose SuperSoft Underwear?

SuperBottoms Super Soft Underwear — the first of its kind to be made from 60% Modal and 40% Cotton. This unique blend makes it 2x SOFTER than regular underwear, Ultra-Breathable & a Sweat Absorption Master.
It leaves your little ones in awe of their cute underwear with – super fun, unisex prints made using Azo-free safe dyes, and no scratchy tags for absolute comfort all day!

SuperSoft Underwear’s Superpowers

  • 2X Softer. Ultra-Breathable. Super-Stretchable.

  • No Scratchy Tags – only smooth seams & gentle elastics

  • Azo-Free Safe Dyes. Vibrant & Unisex Prints.


Q1. Does the fabric bleed or lose colour after multiple washes

A1. SuperBottoms SuperSoft Underwear is made of 60% Cotton and 40% Modal - both super sustainable and natural fabrics. Slight discolouration after the first wash (up to 5%) is natural. However, there is no bleeding of colours and your SuperSoft Underwear will continue to look brand new!

Q2. Can the fabric cause any sensitivity or rashes to babies?

A2.Cotton and Modal both are natural fabrics. Moreover, the dyes used in all SuperBottoms products are certified AZO-free dyes, thus would not cause irritation or rashes to your baby's skin.

Q3. What is SuperSoft Underwear?

A3. SuperSoft Underwear by SuperBottoms is India’s softest underwear for kids to match their active lifestyle. The wonderful blend of cotton and modal makes it 2X SOFTER than regular underwear. It also makes it ULTRA BREATHABLE and EXCELLENT AT SWEAT ABSORPTION helping your kids' skin breathe. Thanks to AZO-FREE dyes, it's very gentle on your kid's skin! Kids can wear SuperSoft Underwear beneath their daywear or even by themselves during the night for complete comfort all day long.

Q4. How is SuperSoft Underwear different from Padded Underwear?

A4. SuperSoft Underwear are regular, non padded Underwear for kids ideal for kids who are potty trained. Unlike Padded Underwear SuperSoft Underwear do not hold pee/poop. This underwear cannot be used for toilet training toddlers.