How It Works?

Step 1: Get It

Purchase your size of MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear.

Step 2: Try It

Wash and wear on your period for a stress-free & comfy feel!

Step 3: Tell Us

Liked it? Loved it? Need help? Talk to our MomsConnect team. 

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Step 4: Still Not Happy?

We got you! Raise a return request.

Wash and pack the used Period Underwear and ship it to us.

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Step 5: Get a Refund

Once we get the products, we’ll refund the full 100% amount to your bank, credit card or debit card account.

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  • Lilac Period Underwear with Pr...

    Regular price ₹ 629
    Sale price ₹ 629 Regular price ₹ 1,099

    (Ideal for: All Age )

    Lilac Period Underwear with Printed Elastic 42% OFF
  • Pink Period Underwear With Pri...

    Regular price ₹ 629
    Sale price ₹ 629 Regular price ₹ 1,099

    (Ideal for: All Age )

    Pink Period Underwear With Printed Elastic 42% OFF
  • MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear Pa...

    Regular price ₹ 1,199
    Sale price ₹ 1,199 Regular price ₹ 2,198

    (Ideal for: All Age )

    MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear Pack of 2 - Pink and Lilac 45% OFF
  • 2 Period Underwear (Pink) + 2 ...

    Regular price ₹ 1,299
    Sale price ₹ 1,299 Regular price ₹ 2,592

    (Ideal for: All Age )

    Starter Kit

    2 Period Underwear (Pink) + 2 Flow Lock Cloth Pads + Free Wet Pouch 49% OFF

Period Underwear in Action

Happy Periods, Happy Faces!

Common Queries

Why do we have a "Use & Return" policy?

Not sure if SuperBottoms MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear will suit you?

Wondering if it's worth the cost?

We want you to experience a stress-free period with MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear at ZERO risk. That's why we have this unique policy which allows returns, even for your used MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear.  

Just go with our Use & Return policy and get your best period buddy by SuperBottoms today! 

We hardly get any returns however if you are still not convinced, you can return it within - 40 days from the product delivery date and receive a full refund!

What if I buy more than 1 MaxAbsorb™ Period underwear in my first order? Does this apply to bundle packs?

Use 1 to know 1!

If you’ve ordered more than 1 MaxAbsorb™ Period underwear on your first purchase, try 1 out of the lot to understand the features.

We’ll replace the entire lot only if just one product is used & others remain packed unwashed & unused.

If all MaxAbsorb™ Period underwear are washed/used, we would take back only 1 of them.

When will I get my money back?

We’ll initiate your refund of one MaxAbsorb™ Period underwear once we receive the product. The amount of purchase will be reflected in your account via bank transfer/credit or debit card refund within 10 working days from the date we receive the products.

What do you do with the returned Period Panty?

Your returned MaxAbsorb™ Period underwear is first sterilized & then used for either demonstration purposes or upcycled to create a sustainable environment. It’s one step towards our goal!

How do I raise a return request?

Super Easy! Just fill in the return request form, wash, dry & pack the used MaxAbsorb™ Period underwear & we’ll have it picked up. If you are out of our pick-up zone, please ship it to us.