Padded Underwear & Training Pants for Baby

  • 3 Layers Of 100% Cotton Padding

  • Semi-waterproof & Holds up to 1 pee

  • SuperDryFeel Layer

Why is Padded Underwear an ideal choice for Potty Training?

Why is Padded Underwear an ideal choice for Potty Training your baby?

Happy Faces In Padded Underwear!

The Difference Between Ordinary & Padded Underwear!


Q1. What is SuperBottoms Padded Underwear?

A1. SuperBottoms Padded Underwear / Potty training pants are the perfect solution to provide mess-free and diaper-free time to your little ones. SuperBottoms Padded Underwear is designed for the active toddler who needs to be potty trained or simply needs a break from the diaper. These are pull-up style best padded underwear that can hold up to 1 pee, are semi-waterproof and have a Super DryFeel Layer on top to keep babies dry & mess-free and NO PEE PUDDLES!

Q2. What are the sizes available for Padded Underwear?

A2.SuperBottoms Padded Underwear now has a Super DryFeel Layer and is available in 4 sizes. They are suitable for babies aged 9 months to 4 years. With the help of the measurements in the size chart, you can select the perfect size for your baby.

Q3.How many layers of padding do these have?

A3. SuperBottoms Padded Underwear is made of 100% cotton and comes with three layers of cotton padding, which helps prevent leaks and messy pee accidents. In addition, all sizes come with a Super DryFeel Layer on top.

Q4. Why does Padded Underwear have a Dry Feel to it?

A4. Most babies become very active post 9-months as they become mobile. They need underwear that will stay in place even during playtime. To give them the comfort of a dry feel during their diaper-free time, we have designed Padded Underwear with a Super DryFeel Layer on top in a pull-up style.