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The baby's head is the softest part of the body and can be easily molded during birth;
this is where SuperBottoms mustard pillow comes in handy as a remedy as it is filled with 100% natural, premium quality, hand-picked tiny mustard seeds that provide them with the proper head support. 

The outer cotton pillow cover and the mustard seeds are entirely removable, which makes washing the pillow covers simple and protects the pillow from fungal reactions. 

Apart from baby pillows being an essential baby item, new parents should consider purchasing swaddle wraps for the baby, which soothe babies by making them feel held and reminding them of being in the womb. 

It has a SuperDryFeel layer on the inside that keeps the baby's newborn swaddle dry if it pees while allowing the baby to breathe. 

Key Features 
- 100% Pure Cotton 
- Prevents Flat Head Syndrome 
- No harsh zip/ button 
- Zipper Opening to Remove Mustard Seeds 
- Dry feel layer touch 

Why SuperBottoms 
We at SuperBottoms take quality, comfort, and sustainability very seriously, from selecting the best fabric to choosing eco-friendly colors 100% free of harmful chemicals.


What exactly is a Mustard Seed Pillow?

A SuperBottoms mustard pillow is a small pillow designed for newborn babies. It is filled with mustard seeds and, once sealed, is placed under a newborn's head to provide support. The natural fabrics are soft and breathable, and the cushioning effect is ideal for rounding the babies' heads.

Why Swaddle the baby?

Swaddle cloth/swaddle wraps give newborn babies the feeling of being held all the time in their mother's womb. Wearing an infant swaddle wrap helps to keep the baby in the back-sleeping position while also reminding tired parents to put the baby to sleep on their back.

What are the benefits of using a Mustard Seed Pillow for newborns?

A newborn baby mustard seed pillow ensures good head support and evenly distributes pressure around the head, neck, and shoulders to prevent Flat-head Syndrome in babies. Mustard is also thought to help regulate blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic, and protect the baby from colds.

What is different or unique about SuperBottoms Dry Feel Swaddle Wrap?

It comes with a SuperDryFeel layer inside to keep the baby dry if it pees. It keeps the baby uninterrupted in sleep and avoids any discomfort or rashes caused by wetness.


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