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Best Cloth Diapers for your Baby


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BASIC Diaper with New & Improved Quick Dry UltraThin Pad  
The New and improved Quick Dry UltraThin Pads are foldable styles, 4 layered pads which can be attached to the BASIC cloth diapers by SuperBottoms diapers. Its UltraThin Design is light for the baby, fits better and is trimmer. It dries 2 times faster than other pads. CPSIA tested and is OEKO Tex certified safe and free from harmful chemicals. 

- 1 BASIC waterproof outer 
- 1 quick-drying foldable style pad/insert 
- 1 instruction booklet 

Key Features 
- Cloth Diapers that last up to 3+ hours 
- SuperBottoms Basic - Washable & reusable up to 250 times 
- Fits from 3 months to 3 years 

How To Wash 
Machine Wash 
Step 1 – Knock off poop in the pot under the force of water. 
Step 2 – Put the dirty diapers in the machine with a bit of detergent and run a short cycle (20 – 30 mins) to rinse off pee. 
Step 3 – Add your other clothes to your machine and run the longer regular cycle (50 – 60 mins). Add the detergent mentioned by the detergent brand as per the total load. 

Hand Wash 
Step 1 – Knock off poop in the pot under the force of water. 
Step 2 – Rinse off pee using a little detergent. 
Step 3 – Soak the diaper for 30 mins in detergent water with the detergent amount as advised by the detergent brand. 
Step 4 – Wash well by rubbing properly with your hands. 
Step 5 – Rince thoroughly till no detergent remains. Do not wring hard, and let dry under the sun.


How long does a BASIC Cloth diaper last?

A BASIC Cloth Diaper lasts 3+ hours.

Can it be used during the night?

BASIC Cloth Diaper is ideal for daytime use only, lasting 3+ hours. However, we suggest using UNO Cloth Diaper for nighttime diapering.

How many times can it be used?

BASIC Cloth Diaper is washable & reusable 250+ times.

Can it be used for Newborns?

No. BASIC Cloth Diapers cannot be used for newborns. It is ideal for babies from 3m-3y

What is the difference between UNO and BASIC Cloth Diapers? 

The difference between UNO & BASIC Cloth Diaper is as follows - 
- UNO lasts for 12hrs with a booster pad, while BASIC lasts for 3+ hours 
- UNO can be used in the daytime and at night, but BASIC is ideal for daytime use only. 
- UNO fits babies from Day 1, whereas BASIC Cloth Diaper fits babies from 3 months onwards. 
- UNO is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and BASIC is made from 100% Cotton Terry 
- UNO has a SnapEasy system for length and waist adjustment, while BASIC has snap buttons on the front for length adjustments and flaps for waist size adjustments. 

Other FAQs

What is a Quick Dry Pad? 
A prefold Quick Dry Pad is a foldable soaker that dries quickly after washing. It has a layer of dry feel that keeps the baby dry even after peeing.

Why are Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts not good for babies?
Charcoal bamboo releases toxic chemicals during the conversion of charcoal bamboo into fabric. Charcoal bamboo fabric is, in fact, rayon, a harmful semi-synthetic fabric that is unsuitable for a baby's skin as it contains microfibres and harmful ingredients such as sodium polyacrylate, dyes, and chemical residues.

Why do parents not prefer Double Gusset Cloth Diapers?
Double gusset diapers are not preferred by parents as poop stains get stuck in stitches, making it difficult to wash and keep clean. They are more likely to chafe a baby's skin due to double layers and trap dirt and moisture, leading to odour and stains. They are also bulky, less trim, and restrict a baby's movement.


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