A BASIC Cloth Diaper lasts 3+ hours.

BASIC Cloth Diaper is ideal for daytime use only as it lasts for 3+ hours. We suggest using UNO Cloth Diaper for nighttime diapering.

BASIC Cloth Diaper is washable & reusable 250+ times.

No. BASIC Cloth Diaper cannot be used for newborns. It is ideal for babies from 3m-3y

The difference between UNO & BASIC Cloth Diaper is as follows -
- UNO lasts for 12hrs with a booster pad, while BASIC lasts for 3+ hours
- UNO can be used in the daytime and at night, but BASIC is ideal for daytime use only.
- UNO fits babies from Day 1, whereas BASIC Cloth Diaper fits babies from 3 months onwards.
- UNO is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and BASIC is made from 100% Cotton Terry
- UNO has a SnapEasy system for length and waist adjustment while BASIC has snap buttons on the front for length adjustments and flaps for waist size adjustments.

A prefold Quick Dry Pad is a foldable soaker that dries quickly after washing. It comes with a dry feel layer on top which keeps the baby dry even after they pee.