7 Weeks Pregnant: Ultrasound, Baby Growth, Tips
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If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you would ideally get your period around 28 – 30 days or every four weeks. Although, it is not alarming to miss your periods by a day or two or even a few more days. But if you have been trying to conceive and do not get periods for six weeks, this might be the first indicator and symptom that a baby might be on its way!

You can take a home pregnancy test to determine whether or not to celebrate the big moment in your life. But the sure-shot route of knowing is getting an ultrasound scan done. The first confirmatory scan that also checks the baby's heartbeat is the first ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant mark. This article will explore all details of the ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant – Tips, reasons, how, what and why of the 7th-week scan. So, get ready, and get set, go!

Growth Of The Baby In 7 Weeks

The embryos are measured from crown to rump while at this stage. This means measuring the baby from the top of the head to the bottom, as the limbs are not yet developed. At 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound, the baby is hardly 1 gram in weight (1). They are five millimetres to twelve millimetres long.

By the seventh week, your baby would have already developed a heartbeat, and you would get to hear the heartbeat during the ultrasound scan. The heartbeats of an embryo are much faster and sound like the galloping of horses. If you are carrying twins or multiples, that would also be confirmed during the ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant.

Tips For a 7-Week Pregnant Women

The first trimester of the pregnancy can be a little difficult for many expecting moms, especially once the morning sickness kicks in. Plus, this is the phase of your life where you will need to be a little extra mindful about what you eat, sleep, workout etc. If you have already had your 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound and pregnancy is confirmed, you need to start taking extra care of yourself. So, here are some tips for seven-week pregnant moms-to-be.

1. Start your prenatal vitamins after consulting with your gynaecologist.
2. Do not assume that pregnancy equals bedrest. Instead, keep moving and continue your regular workout unless otherwise advised by your gynaecologist.
3. You DO NOT need to eat for two. Speaking to a nutritionist and preparing a diet chart specific to your needs is always better.
4. Take extra care of your skin and hair, as hormonal imbalance would now start giving you skin and hair troubles.
5. If you have been smoking or consuming alcohol, this is the right time to give up those and reduce caffeine intake.
6. Get a schedule for all upcoming scan appointments at the ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant, and ensure that you plan and get all scans done in time.
7. Start planning the nursery, the delegation of work, and your maternity leave in advance, so that you have nothing to worry about during the last trimester.

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Why Is The 7 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Important

Being the first scan of your pregnancy phase, the ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant is an important one for the following reasons. This scan confirms whether you are expecting a baby or there is just a delay in your periods due to some other hormonal or health issues.

1. The 6 – 7-week mark develops the heartbeats of a baby. If the doctor does not hear a heartbeat, this indicates a non-viable pregnancy and needs immediate medical attention (2).

2. If there are any other concerns related to organ or limb development of the baby, they are detectable at as early as seven weeks. Thus, it is crucial to get the test done.

3. The scan compares the baby's gestational age with the last due date to know if there is any delay in the baby's growth.

4. The scan also helps get to know the mother's reproductive health, which is crucial at this stage.

How Is Ultrasound 7 Weeks Pregnant Done?

The ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant can be either an abdominal scan or a transvaginal scan. These days radiologists and gynaecologists prefer a transvaginal scan as it gives a better and more precise picture of the uterus and the baby. Also, unlike in an abdominal scan, you would not need to have a full bladder while getting a transvaginal scan. But the decision is not yours to make.

Instead, your doctor will decide which kind of scan to perform, looking at your reproductive health history and pregnancy and fertility history. As its name suggests, the abdominal ultrasound scan is performed from over the abdomen. A small probe is inserted in the vagina and moved to get the scan for a transvaginal scan. This is not painful, just a little uncomfortable due to the probe.

What To Expect From The Ultrasound

1. You will hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time at ultrasound 7 weeks pregnant.
2. Your baby will be the size of a blueberry already at seven weeks.
3.Tiny hands and legs of the baby would be formed by this time.
4. Nostrils on the face would also be visible in a 7-week scan
5. The baby's internal organs also start developing and are visible.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

No scan can be 100% accurate. Sometimes, the scan might not be accurate, and your doctor will ask you for a repeat scan. Here are some probable reasons why the scan might not give accurate results:

1. If the fetus is in an inconvenient position or is turned away from the ultrasound waves.
2. If the technician or the doctor is not trained enough, they might miss out on detecting abnormalities in the scan.
3. If the equipment is faulty.

An ultrasound scan is not a scary or even harmful process; thus, there is nothing you need to worry about. This is just the initial phase of your pregnancy; therefore, the best time to start making the required lifestyle changes. Eat well, take proper rest, keep hydrated and work out. Understand the First Trimester Of Your Pregnancy well and be informed. Happy Pregnancy!

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