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Four years ago, mommy Pallavi Utagi went looking for that perfect baby diaper that would be gentle on her baby’s skin, contain no harmful chemicals and eco-friendly too but got disappointed to find none. That’s when she decided to start SuperBottoms - an eco-friendly cloth diaper brand with a belief in all things sustainable - be it in our products or services.

Today, SuperBottoms is the no. 1 bestselling eco-friendly cloth diaper in India.We believe in bringing in the best of both worlds with the goodness of cloth and the convenience of disposable diapers to our most loved product - SuperBottoms UNO - an eco-friendly, waterproof, reusable and skin-friendly diaper made of certified organic cotton and lasts longer hours, trusted and loved by over 2 lakh parents and counting.

At SuperBottoms, we have always strived hard to address all concerns when it comes to nurturing the beautiful bond between a parent and the child. Which starts the moment you receive the Good News - “You’re expecting!!!*. All of us here remember how delighted we were at that moment and ever since. So the imminent thought that provoked us was “What could we do more to help all the expecting parents out there?”. One fine Zoomcall meeting, our dedicated all-parents team thought of a fantastic initiative - The Bump Celebrations!

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Welcome to The Bump Celebrations!

Sometimes it gets overwhelming to hear so many cues, advice, do’s and don’ts from various sources creating confusion and resulting in a goldfish memory (which we solemnly swear none of us ever had). To make every expecting parent’s life a tad easier and introduce you to some company to ride on this journey together, our all-parents team at SuperBottoms brings you The Bump Celebrations

Where a variety of experts and real parents have got together to bring you the best advice on nutrition, yoga, successful breastfeeding guidance, diapering and babycare tips, massage therapy, Bump Tales - an expert curated pregnancy e-manual, virtual baby showers, gift hampers and so on. And this is not just it! You get to meet more expecting parents to share your journey with. Enhance your pregnancy experience with us! This is going to be the best phase of your life, pinky promise!

That’s not it, we’re adored on social media and have an active community of like minded, conscious parents on Facebook called SuperBottoms Family 3 to share parenting insights, advice, crazy stories, and much more. And our backbone? A passionate all-parents team who use the diapers on their own babies and have answers to any queries or doubts, anytime! Need a helpline? Call us on +91 74990 25345 and let us whooooooosh your worries away!

Happy Parenting!


Hola, New Moms and Dads! We at SuperBottoms ensure you have the best and safest products for your babies, no matter what corner of India or the world you are in. SuperBottoms is appropriate for your baby's sensitive skin throughout their Cloth Diapers journey, in any season, and also offers Padded Underwear for women. If you reside in Canada, Kuwait, the United States, Qatar, Hawaii, Bahrain, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, or the Philippines, SuperBottoms is an essential product for you and your child.

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