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Pregnancy brings a wave of happiness but is also followed by several health issues and body changes. Most of you, expecting mothers, often go through confusion and unnecessary stress due to the many myths and advice on pregnancy. And what makes it difficult is choosing the proper diet, which will help keep the overall health of you and your baby in check.

So if you have already entered the first trimester of your pregnancy, it is probable that you have started eating nutritious foods. However, there would be certain healthy foods, such as sweet potato during pregnancy, that you may not be sure about consuming. Sweet potatoes are delicious, but can you include them in your pregnancy diet? Well, could you find out about the same in our article here?

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Is Sweet Potato in Pregnancy Safe to Consume?

Packed with the goodness of nature, sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrients and are low in fat. Therefore, it is easy to include in your diet and has many health benefits for pregnant women. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of essential nutrients a woman needs during pregnancy, necessary for the baby's healthy growth. Eating the right food is crucial to the baby's growth and development. Hence, before you choose to include sweet potato in the pregnancy diet, you must look at its benefits.

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Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potato During Pregnancy

Including sweet potato in your pregnancy diet can benefit your and your baby’s overall health. Sweet potatoes contain nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber, etc., necessary for a healthy pregnancy. So below are some of the potential health benefits of eating this fruit in pregnancy (1) -

1. Enables Proper Growth of Foetus -

As doctors recommend, pregnant women should consume foods rich in Vitamin A, as they need at least 800 micrograms daily. This count can be obtained from less than half a cup of baked sweet potato. Moreover, Vitamin A is crucial for the development of the foetus and helps in the growth of their organs like the heart, lungs, liver, blood, kidneys, and so on.

2. Helps Prevent Constipation -

Yet another reason to eat sweet potato during pregnancy is that it is an excellent source of fibre, an essential nutrient.  Pregnant women often complain about constipation, which is a common problem during pregnancy. However, a single cup of sweet potatoes offers the fiber needed to overcome constipation.

3. Promotes Brain Development of Foetus - 

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is essential for the formation of the brain and the nervous system in the foetus. Moreover, including this fruit in pregnancy can help produce blood and prevent nausea, a classic pregnancy symptom.

4. Promotes Bone Development in Foetus -

A woman's diet should contain Vitamin C-rich foods, such as grapes, during pregnancy, sweet potatoes, etc., as it can promote enzymes needed for bone and tendon growth and skin development. Including a cup of sweet potatoes in your pregnancy diet can also speed up the iron absorption required for forming red blood cells.

5. Helps Cure Morning Sickness - 

Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin B6, which helps form red blood cells in the body. However, it is essential during pregnancy to check what you eat as it helps relieve morning sickness.

Risks of Eating Sweet Potato During Pregnancy 

Anything in excess comes with risk, so overeating sweet potatoes can lead to complications. Some of these risks of overeating sweet potato during pregnancy are mentioned below -

1. Sweet potatoes are high in oxalates, which cause kidney stones and can lead to severe pain and gallbladder issues. 
2. A special kind of sugar, Mannitol, present in sweet potatoes, can cause stomach aches and lead to gas and diarrhoea.
3. Sweet potatoes are high in starch content,  so women who have diabetes or are overweight can face some health complications from eating sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes Cravings During Pregnancy

Getting cravings for eating sweet potato could be because you are craving something sugary or starchy. It could also be a sign that your body wants carbohydrate-rich foods. But there is no scientific evidence to prove these theories about fruit cravings.

Key Takeaways

Sweet potato is healthy and delicious food to include in your diet. But do make sure that you do not eat them in excess. Always follow a balanced diet, including green veggies, fresh fruits, and protein-rich foods. We hope that our article has solved your concerns about the safety of consuming sweet potatoes.


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