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Calculate My Due Date: Your Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

For Singleton Pregnancy: 1st day of last period + 40 Weeks (1)

For Twin Pregnancy: 1st day of last period + 36 Weeks

From the day we realise that we are expecting a baby, happiness, excitement, and anticipation are at their peak. Then, we start planning for things that we need to buy and do before and after the baby arrives. So many things start revolving around the baby's arrival planning. Thus, knowing when to expect the labor to kick in and expect the baby is essential. This article will talk about the delivery due date calculator and ways of calculating the due date.

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How is Due Date Calculated

The due date is calculated based on the last period before you conceived. Therefore, the 1st day of the last period is considered your 1st day of pregnancy, not the date of conception. The doctor also confirms gestational age during the first ultrasound scan based on the growth and size of the embryo. Once the gestational age is determined, the due date is calculated. An ultrasound scan is the most accurate due date calculator.

Your due date will be calculated based on your IVF transfer date if you have conceived via IVF. For example, if you had day 3 embryo transfer, your due date is IVF transfer date +263 days, whereas if you had day 5, it would be IVF transfer date + 261 days. Pregnancy or due dates are not usually affected by climatic conditions or geography. Thus, there is no separate Indian pregnancy calculator or pregnancy calculator India specific, but a standard one that is applicable for all geographies.

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Steps to Use the Due Date Calculator

There are a lot of simple and easy to use applications or online tools available to determine the pregnancy week calculator by due date. It is simple calendar mathematics. You can easily do it even without any tool or doctor's help to get the approximate due date for your delivery. So, here's your simple step by step due date calculator:

Step 1: Note down the date for the first day of your last menstrual cycle.

Step 2: Add 40 weeks using a calendar (or check the previous section for twin or IVF pregnancy and add that)


Step 2: Back calculate 3 months from your last period date

Step 3: Add 1 year and 7 days to that date

And THAT is your delivery due date! For example, if your first date of the last period was, say, 22nd February 2022. Then, adding 40 weeks to it, your due date will be 29th November. Or, back-calculate 3 months before 22nd February, that is 22nd November. Now, add 1 year and 7 days, which is also 29th November!

Can Your Due Date Change?

Yes, your due date can change after the first time you have determined the due date. If you have had irregular periods before conceiving, the LMP (last month's period date) might not be the most accurate method as a due date calculator.

The growth of the fetus inside your womb can determine and change the due date depending on how slow or fast the development is against the standard benchmark. There is nothing to worry about—the due date changes by a few days between the pregnancy. Your doctor or ultrasound specialist will point it out to you if anything needs attention during your regular check-ups.

What's the Possibility of Delivering on your Due Date

The due date calculator week by week charts the progress of your pregnancy, but these are always approximate dates. No matter which tool you use, no tool or scan can 100% predict the date on which you will deliver your baby. For example, if you have less uterine space or are carrying twins or multiples, you are likely to deliver a few weeks or days before your due date. On the other hand, if the baby's development is slower than the benchmark, you might deliver a few days past your delivery date.

Is it Possible to Plan the Due Date

Although the possibility is not zero, it is one of the most challenging tasks to conceive in such a way that your labor kicks in and your due date falls on a particular date that you plan it to. Even if you are lucky enough to plan a conception so that your conception date is back-calculated and is the date you want it to be, there is no guarantee that you will deliver precisely at the 40-week mark. Labor and delivery depend on many other factors, and at times you might deliver before or even after the due date.

Please remember that the due date is an approximate date when your gestational age is mature, and you are ideally ready to deliver. But it is not a rule of the thumb. Your actual delivery date might differ, and this is not something you should stress about.


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Common Questions Parents Ask

Q1: My due date is just a few days away. How will I know when I am in labor?
Read this article to understand The Signs Of Labor

Q2: I am past 40 weeks as per my due date calculator; what should I do now?
During the final days of your pregnancy, your ultrasound scans and check-ups would be more frequent to determine when you are ready to deliver the baby. Do not worry if you are past your due date; your doctor will advise what you need to do for a healthy delivery.


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