Beetroot in Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Risks


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You start making those conscious lifestyle changes right after you find out you are pregnant. One of the fundamental changes in your eating habits is to include a healthy diet. The food you eat nourishes your newborn baby and gives you the energy to sail healthily through each trimester of pregnancy. So, while you would have already started to eat a balanced diet, there would be some foods you need clarification on in your diet. And to be more specific, we will be talking about eating beetroot during pregnancy. So, if you want to include beetroot in your daily diet, keep reading further!

Is Eating Beetroot in Pregnancy Safe?

Beetroot, as the name suggests, is a root vegetable that comes in various colours. However, the most recognisable colour of beetroot is magenta. It typically has an earthly and sweet favour that pairs with anything from salads to smoothies. Beets have a unique nutritional value, which makes them a healthy food to include in your pregnancy (1). Moreover, consuming beetroot during pregnancy can satiate your sweet craving, preventing the intake of high-calorie foods. Beetroots are rich in dietary fibre and several essential nutrients, making them a safe and ideal choice for pregnant women.

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How Many Beetroots Can You Consume in Pregnancy?

Beetroot in pregnancy is ideal, but only when consumed in moderation. Hence pregnant women can consume up to two beetroots in a day. This vegetable is known to purify the blood, detoxify, and revitalise the body. Moreover, it can be consumed either raw, cooked or in the form of juice.

Health Benefits of Beetroot in Pregnancy

Here are some benefits of including beetroot in your pregnancy diet -

1. Reduces risk of congenital disabilities -
Beetroot contains high folic acid content, which helps in fetal nervous system development. And it also reduces the risk of congenital disabilities such as spina bifida.

2. Helps boost immunity -
Beetroot contains antioxidants that help improve your immunity and protect against infections during pregnancy. Moreover, pregnant women with high immunity levels reduce the risk of ailments and diseases. So including beetroot in a pregnancy diet is always an ideal choice.

3. Helps prevent Anaemia -
Iron deficiency Anaemia is a common concern during pregnancy, which may lead to symptoms like fatigue and weakness. Hence pregnant women must include iron-rich foods in their diet. Beets are a great source of iron, and an ideal option for vegetarians and vegans, looking to boost their iron intake.

4. Prevents fetal growth restriction -
Some research studies suggest that beetroot has the potential to prevent fetal growth restriction. While issues with the placenta often cause growth restriction. But by consuming beetroot during pregnancy, the blood flow across the placenta is improved by the nitrates present in this vegetable.

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5. Helps to maintain blood sugar levels-
Beetroot is a low-glycemic food that takes longer to convert into glucose and absorb blood. Hence it can help maintain blood sugar levels.

Potential Risks of Eating Beetroot in Pregnancy

Now that you are aware of the benefits of beetroot let us take a look at some of the side effects of consuming this vegetable -

1.Beetroot has betaine, which, when consumed in excess, can lead to symptoms like vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, and other gastrointestinal issues.
2.The nitrate content in beetroot can lead to fatigue and weakness during pregnancy.
3.Consuming beets in excess may lead to a condition called beeturia, which can turn your urine and stools red in colour.
4.The oxalate content in beets can cause kidney stones if consumed in excess.

How To Include Beetroot in Pregnancy Diet?

Once your classic pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness and nausea, subside, you will be able to eat without the feeling of throwing up. This is time you can add beetroots and other vegetables to your diet. Here are some ways in which you can add beetroot to your pregnancy diet -

Beetroot Juice -

Here is how you can prepare that yummy beetroot juice


• Beetroot – 1-2 cut into small pieces
• Grated Ginger – an inch
• Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
• Water - as required

Method of preparation

• Make a smooth paste of beetroot, grated ginger, and some water in a blender.
• Strain the paste into a glass.
• Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice and give it a stir
• Serve

Beetroot Salad

Here is how you can prepare a nutritious salad -


• Medium-sized beetroot – 1-2 (peeled, boiled and cut into small cubes)
• Paneer cubes – 1 cup
• Curry leaves – 3-4
• Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
• Oil – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

Method of preparation

• Take the boiled beetroot cubes and paneer cubes into a large bowl.
• Add a pinch of salt and black pepper, and mix well.
• Heat a pan and add some oil to it.
• Once the oil is warm, add mustard seeds and curry leaves.
• Let them splutter for a few seconds, and then transfer this tempering onto the salad.
• Cover the bowl with a lid for a few minutes
• Mix well, and serve

Key Takeaways

We hope that the SuperBottoms article has been helpful and solved your doubts about including beetroot in your pregnancy diet. Beetroot has several health benefits to offer when consumed in moderate quantities. So go ahead and prepare these delicious recipes we have shared above!


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