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SuperBottoms Signature Print - Hunny Bummy!

The most anticipated moment of our year has finally arrived - yes, you heard it right! Our signature print is finally here and who better than our own mascot - Bummy to adorn the print?

Introducing our signature print to celebrate the joys of life - Hunny Bummy!!! We've been eyeing this moment since Bummy entered our lives and taught us to appreciate and celebrate each day, every day. Made with 100% love and 0% compromise, Hunny Bummy is now up for grabs in both Freesize and Newborn UNO. This goofball of fluff comes with a SuperDryFeel™ layer of light pink colored fleece inside to keep things flamboyant just like the outer print. Afterall, happiness does come from within ;)

That’s not all! Don't forget to check out our stories and the blog ( to participate in today's giveaway! You’ll have a lot of fun, pinky promise!

Did you know? Hunny Bummy comes with Bummy snaps!! The neon yellow snaps on this UNO has our favourite Bummy engraved on it to add a li’l zest to our li’l ones’ cute bums. Personalization in all its charm, isn’t it a Bum-tastic news?

On Bummy’s Big Bash, a special mention goes to Bummy for making our lives so smooth and colourful that we decided to introduce Bummy GIFS!!! Hurray! You can now use Bummy to emote your stories on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and show your love for your favourite SuperBottoms! All you need to do is click on the GIF on you story and search “Bummy” and a plethora of Bummy GIFS appear at your service. Go ahead and emote all your moods with a dash of love from us! As promised, we never leave any stone unturned.

We’re super excited!! Do share in the comments below how you liked our new addition of the signature print to the UNO family.

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