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SuperBottoms Family is now Parent Tribe by SuperBottoms!

FIFTY-FOUR THOUSAND! That’s a huge number, isn’t it? Especially when it is an indicator of the number of people that love a brand, its products, share the same values, and resonate with its philosophy.

Well, Iron Man may have been loved 3000... But we at SuperBottoms are blessed to be loved 54,000! Plus it is ever-growing! And we are very grateful for it all!

The day we hit the figure of 50,000 parents as a part of the SuperBottoms Family, it made us look back at the journey and introspect where we began and where we are today.  When we started this community, it was an extension to our customer support team. Created to give our customers a friendly online space to discuss cloth diapering, connect with other cloth diapering parents, and get their issues resolved. 

The community kept growing and while the cloth diapering conversations remained on centre-stage, it organically evolved into a wholesome forum for parents to discuss their wins and misses over and above cloth diapering. Discussions ranged from sustainable lifestyle choices for parents and kids to breastfeeding, from daycares and schools in the city to ideas for birthday cakes, from which books and activities to choose for kids to fun games and chit-chats... this community of like-minded parents discussed it all.  

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And for us as a brand, it is a matter of great pride that a lot of our team members - especially the Moms Connect team - come from this community. Moms who are experienced at cloth diapering and are keen to help out other parents starting out on their cloth diapering journey. The community, and the brand have always been together and grown together. We have seen a great example of this ever since the pandemic. Through our initiative, “Positive Together with SuperBottoms,”  we were all there for each other, keeping everyone positive and hopeful, given the situation. 

So at 50,000+ members and growing, we had to stop and ask ourselves - Do we continue calling ourselves a Family? Or do we embrace this growth with a change that reflects the same?

We had grown way beyond Family size! We had become a tribe. A tribe of parents.

And that gave birth to our new name, to mark the growth of this beautiful community of super awesome parents – Parent Tribe by SuperBottoms! In case you aren’t a part of this tribe yet, become a part today! 

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