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Sustainability has been our motto since our inception. We’re always dedicated to making products that are gentle and safe for our babies & the planet, and we took it upon ourselves to take steps for a better future. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle - this helps ensure our planet is always happy. So how does SuperBottoms do it? We reduce our carbon footprint by using natural materials everywhere, reuse our products for various purposes & recycle the scraps that are produced during the manufacturing process by turning them into our Dry Feel Nursing Pads, Keychains, Waterproof Cloth Bibs & more! So what’s special this time? 

On our 5th Birthday, we decided to go all in & change our Product Packaging for good. It took months & months of brainstorming to finally arrive at something that’ll speak about SuperBottoms & the values we stand for. And here we are! Presenting our latest & cutest planet-friendly packaging that is made from natural materials only and comes with adorable messaging! The main USP of our planet-friendly packaging is that we have managed to kick out the slightest sight of plastic from our eyes. Even on the tapes on the box! Yes, you read it right. Now SuperBottoms Boxes will come in paper tapes only which are 100% recyclable! Yay for Zero-plastic Packaging!

Our favourite UNO will now come in zippered cloth pouches that could also be used as sling bags in our brand colors! That’s not it, it comes with a loop on top that can help you fold it into a super-mini pouch & carry it in your pockets. And we’re not taking the Organic Comfort Wear’s fun element away, pinky promise! Now Organic Comfort Wear will come with fun animal prints on the box that elongate while opening. Isn’t it wonderful? Such a cool way to teach animals to our toddlers. The Dry Feel Pads now come in cute paper pouches & will carry stickers on the back that explain how to use them. Simplification = 100! Accessories & Diaper Free Time Essentials like Dry Feel Langots & Padded Underwears will come in cool green boxes with adorable messages. The unboxing of the brown cartons that you receive will start with a colourful & vibrant inside cover - as happiness comes from within! We can’t keep calm -- we’re sure you’ll love this new look that will change the matters of our precious planet!

A special mention to the entire team that made this happen by working tirelessly day & night and we can’t thank them enough! Our team made sure all timelines are met, took necessary steps & followed all protocols during this situation to bring in such major changes in our brand identity. A warm hug & bunch of kisses to all!

The fun fact : All orders placed on now onwards will receive their bundle of joy in this planet-friendly packaging! Planet-friendly packaging is going to reach your doorstep supersoon!

Tell us how you liked our latest offering in the comments below. Are you excited?

Key Takeaways

    1. Highly Sustainable
SuperBottoms are constantly committed to creating products that are soft and safe for our babies and the environment, and we have taken actions to ensure a brighter future.

    2. Reducing, Reusing & Recycling
Reducing our carbon footprint by employing natural materials everywhere, reusing our products for multiple functions, and recycling manufacturing leftovers

    3. Adorable Prints
Organic Comfort Wear packaged in a box with playful animal prints is a fantastic way to teach toddlers.


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