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Come, co-create with us – SuperBottoms UNO 2.0

UNO cloth Diaper

Your wish is our command! With utmost delight, for having turned that wish and demand from many parents into reality, we bring you SuperBottoms UNO Cloth Diaper with Cotton Waterproof Outer - our latest creation in Bummy’s Lab.

The ULTIMATE SuperBottoms UNO 2.0 - India’s 1st CPSIA Certified and Tested Cloth Diaper - is now also available with a cotton waterproof outer.

What You See Is What You Get!

1 - 1 Multi-size Cotton Waterproof Outer
2 - 1 Magic Dry Feel Main Pad

Magic Dry Feel Main Pad consists of 9 layers (after folding) of GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton with a SuperDryFeel layer on top to keep your baby’s bum dry.

What goes inside the SuperBottoms UNO Cloth Diaper to make it the ULTIMATE?

1 - SnapEasy* System (Patent pending)
2 - SuperDryFeel™
3 - 300+ times Reusable and Washable
4 - Trimmest Cloth Diaper
5 - Waterproof Cotton Exterior
6 - 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Pads
7 - All night absorption~ (Lasts up to 12 hrs with booster pad)
8 - Adjustable sizing (almost magical!) - fits 3-month-old and 3-year-old!

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What do we keep out of the UNO 2.0 to keep it the ULTIMATE?

1. Lead
2. Phthalates
3. Toxins

Wondering how you can join Bummy’s Lab and lay your hands on this product? It's simple! Take a quick quiz, purchase the product directly from Bummy's Lab, try it on your li'l ones and share your honest feedback and review about the functionality of the product that will not only help us, but also help many, many other new parents and their babies who plan to use them. That’s not all! You also stand to earn a “Co-Creator” Badge. Read more on that below. Just try these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Take the quiz
Step 2: Try the product
Step 3: Give feedback and get a Co-creator badge

About the Co-creator Badge

UNO Waterproof Outer

Ever wanted to change the world? Well, this is your chance. Get your name next to an innovative product that will keep the babies and the planet safe and sound. Be the change you always desired to be! And get rewarded with an e-certificate too! Win-win!! The super confidential and classified zone of Bummy’s Lab lets you try out our upcoming products, review them... And once the product is finalized after all test runs and inputs, you get to have your hands on them before anybody else does! Yes, you’ll get a sneak peek before the product launch! Exciting isn’t it?

All you cloth diapering pros, join us in Bummy’s Lab! Even if we don't incorporate all the feedback, you’ll definitely get your Co-Creator badge! So what are you waiting for? Join Bummy’s Lab if you’ve used SuperBottoms products! This is going to be a fun ride, pinky promise.


Hola, New Moms and Dads! We at SuperBottoms ensure you have the best and safest products for your babies, no matter what corner of India or the world you are in. SuperBottoms is appropriate for your baby's sensitive skin throughout their Cloth Diapers journey, in any season, and also offers Padded Underwear for women. If you reside in Canada, Kuwait, the United States, Qatar, Hawaii, Bahrain, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, or the Philippines, SuperBottoms is an essential product for you and your child.

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