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A family that’s 40K members strong! - SuperBottoms

According to the dictionary, a family of 40K members is “A group of individuals living under the same roof or having the same bloodline and headed by the same person.” 

When we created a community for SuperBottoms customers & users, we chose to call ourselves family, because although we might not be living under the same roof or tied by a bloodline, we all were a group of parents going through the same parenting journey, experiencing the same gamut of emotions, having similar success & learning stories. 

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We all worked towards a common goal – reducing the disposable landfills, making sustainable choices, and choosing cloth over plastic! 

And today, the community is touching 40K members! We celebrate all the festivals together, share our deepest insecurities and issues to seek help from family members, and share our parenting journey stories with everyone to smile & cry together! 

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To celebrate this achievement of a 40K strong family, we will have a 40 day long celebration. Every day there will be a new theme and post to engage on, share our lives, our pictures & videos, and our stories! And that’s not all! There is a giveaway to celebrate the milestone where 20 family members will win goodies from SuperBottoms!

So, come join the celebration – be a part of the family if you aren’t yet a part of India’s largest community of cloth diapering parents! 

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