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Ideas to Welcome Home a Newborn Baby


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When a baby is about to be born, it's not just the parents who are excited, but the whole family is excited to welcome baby - the new member into the family. Nervousness for parents is apparent as they are inexperienced if they are first time parents. Every parent has hundreds of trendy ideas for welcoming new born baby, so they might get confused among them.

So it is suggested to make prior preparations before the baby arrives. Situations and things are different, and most of the time, parents are occupied with the newborn baby. This article will talk about some fantastic welcome baby ideas that will make the arrival and make life easy for new parents. So, your search for answers to the question "how to welcome new born baby" is answered here with some creative and thoughtful ideas! 

Creating A Care Basket

Once the baby is about to be born, one of the most important things is to create a care basket that contains all essentials for them. Creating this care basket will help the new parents not panic and find things more accessible to add one place. For example, you would need soft Cotton or Mulmul clothes for newborn babies. You can also add a Baby Blanket, a pair of booties, caps, and Swaddles to make baby have a calm sleep, lots of handkerchiefs, Newborn Cloth Diapers, bathing kit, white wipes. This care basket will make the workload manageable for new parents to make things easy and accessible at arm's length.

Making Newborn Baby Crib

One of the most needed since day one welcome baby ideas is preparing the newborn crib for a safe place for them to nap and sleep in. We have to keep this in mind while designing or buying a baby crib. To make the welcome baby an exciting process, we need to prepare a beautiful baby crib with all the essentials required.

When preparing a newborn crib, we should remember and be mindful of a few things: the mattress should be fitted and not very soft. We have to avoid suffocation while the baby is sleeping. We should avoid using blankets; instead, we should use wearable blankets so that your baby's face doesn't get covered while sleeping. We should not keep soft toys, cushions, quilts, comforters etc. in the crib for safety reasons.

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Giving A Homecoming Party

Nothing says welcome baby better than a homecoming party. Once the baby is home, you can arrange a puja or religious festival or a casual party with friends and family members so that they can also give their blessings and can meet the little one. For the welcome of new born baby, make sure the party is not grand and noisy as it can make the baby uncomfortable.

During the puja or any religious fest, make sure the baby is far from the smoke as it can choke the baby. You can have the decoration according to the baby. Keeping any gender-neutral theme in mind or any character that is your favourite, you can decorate the house with blue balloons and other decorative items.

Preparing A Breastfeeding Basket

Among so many ideas to welcome baby, one of the vital ideas to welcome baby is preparing a breastfeeding basket. A breastfeeding basket has all the essential things needed for a new mother while nursing. Breastfeeding baskets should include a breast pump if the mummy is working or she has to store the milk for the baby. Heating and cooling pads are a great help during the early days of nursing.

Breast pads should also be included as it helps if the milk leaks from the breast(1). A nipple shield is required if the nipple gets hurt while nursing. Some healthy snacks are also essential to keep in a breastfeeding basket as the mother goes hungry frequently when feeding her baby. Healthy snacks will help a good supply of milk for the baby.

Decorating Your Home

Among so many ideas on how to welcome baby, one of the most exciting ideas is to decorate your home. Welcoming your baby to a decorated home feels good. Few things should be kept in mind while decorating the house for a newborn baby is not to stock up too many things, keep night and soothing colours, noise-proof rooms so that baby can sleep peacefully and few wall décor ideas or roof décor ideas so that baby can enjoy when he is in the crib. You can also decorate the back wall of the crib with the baby's name with a welcome note. Avoid decorating with balloons because your baby might get scared and cry if they burst.

Stocking The Groceries

To welcome baby and make the arrangements for them is one of the best feelings. To enjoy more time with the newborn and let the new mommy rest more and run less here and there, groceries and other handy food should be stocked up in advance.

Prepping food in advance and freezing a few items once a week helps a lot once the baby is here as we have to take care of the baby and the new mother. If groceries and frozen food are stocked, it will save energy too, and time can be used for rest for the new mother or to take care of the newborn. Running for groceries can be very hectic and tiring for new parents.

Babyproofing Your Home

A few things we usually forget when welcoming the baby are babyproofing your home. Once the baby starts crawling and is out of the bed, we have to make sure that the things around him do not harm him. We have to cover all the sharp edges of furniture with bumpers or soft edges. All the electric points and plugs should be covered within the child's reach.

Drawers should be latched with the lock so your baby can't harm themselves. Safety bed rails around the bed are required so that the baby does not fall from the bed. Stair guards should be done as tiny newborn babies who start crawling are excited to climb stairs and can fall while climbing.

You might have a million ideas to welcome newborn baby home, but do keep in mind the budget and the fact that many expenses would also follow with the arrival of your baby. It is not a compulsion to make preparations before the newborn arrives. Still, it is always good and easier for the new parents to manage things efficiently and enjoy the significant time with their full one if things are taken care of beforehand.

The bottom line is that many ideas can be executed efficiently yet are very creative and helpful for parents. Every family wants to make the newborn welcome a warm one and give their best. Just make sure that you include the baby's safety first, whatever you do. Happy Parenting!


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