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Postpartum Hair Fall: Reasons & Treatments for Hair fall After Delivery

Pregnancy is one of the happiest phases in any person’s life. And the pregnancy glow that comes along, aah! That’s the cherry on top of the cake! Due to all the vitamins you are consuming, healthy eating & water intake, your skin and hair are at their best when expecting a baby. 

But once you deliver the baby, all the extra hair you have gained for a fuller head, and the voluminous, shiny hair will start to fall off. Unfortunately, as many as 90% of new moms experience hair fall. This article will discuss the reasons behind hair fall after delivery and suggest some remedies and solutions.  

The Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy & Postpartum

The best way to check whether you are pregnant yet or not is to check the hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin level in the body. hCG is one of the earliest hormones to spike up in the body when you are expecting a baby. As the pregnancy progresses, the levels of other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin will also change in your body. As soon as you deliver the baby, the level of these hormones again changes drastically within the first 24 hours. These hormones are responsible for the growth of additional hair during the pregnancy, and then the massive hair fall after delivery.  

How Do Hormones Affect Your Hair

We humans lose 50 – 500 strands of hair every day while washing or combing the hair. However, due to the increased estrogen levels, which prevents hair fall, you would experience minor hair fall during pregnancy(1). This results in extra hair on your head and your hair looks fuller, and the braid or ponytail will feel thicker. But once your baby arrives, the estrogen level starts to drop and come back to normal. This is why you will experience hair fall after delivery. Generally, you will not lose more hair than you would have lost during 9 months, but because it is happening simultaneously instead of spreading over 9 months, you would see the drastic amount of hair falling off.  

When Does Postpartum Hair Fall Start

Post pregnancy hair fall or shedding phase starts when the level of hormones starts getting back to their normal levels. This does not happen overnight or drastically. Thus, although your hair will start shedding within a few days after the delivery, and the hair fall will not occur from just one area but spread across the whole head, you will begin to realize the amount of post pregnancy hair fall around three months post pregnancy. 

How Long Does Post Pregnancy Hair Loss Last

For some new moms, the extra hair is shed off within the first three months of childbirth, while for other few, the hair fall after delivery lasts a lot longer. But be assured that no matter when the hair fall starts, by the time your little one is ready for their first birthday, your hair fall would have stopped. Then, within a year, your hair will be back to how it used to be before you got pregnant. If the hair fall after delivery lasts for more than a year, you should consult a dermatologist to check if any skin allergies or issues cause this.  

Postpartum Hair Treatments To Try

You cannot stop the post pregnancy hair fall from happening, but you can ensure that they slow down or do not make your hair look too thin or weird, at least. Here are a few things you can try – 

  • ▪ Add Biotin & Vitamins To Your Diet – Biotins help have good hair, skin and nail health. Adding biotin to your diet can slow down hair fall. 
  • ▪ Skip Styling Products – Avoid using silicone serums, gels or any styling products, as they can aid build-up and result in further hair fall after delivery.
  • ▪ Get a New Hairdo – Well, if you cannot stop the hair fall, or reduce it, give yourself a new haircut or a hair colour that will take the attention away from thinning the volume of your hair. This can also make you feel good as makeovers are always exciting. 
  • ▪ Change Hair Accessories – Avoid tight elastic bands, as pulling hair can increase hair fall. Instead, go for scrunchies and clutches that can keep the hair in place without being too tight. 
  • ▪ Give Up Chemical Treatments – Avoid any hair treatments that can be harsh on your skin or scalp. That can further trigger hair fall. 
  • ▪ Avoid Heat – Blow drying or hair dryers can worsen the situation if you are already experiencing post pregnancy hair fall. Avoid heat and let your hair naturally dry after hair wash. 

Is Hair Loss After Pregnancy Normal?

As mentioned in the earlier sections, post pregnancy hair fall happens because of the hormones and the additional hair that did not fall off during the pregnancy like it usually would. Thus, post pregnancy hair fall is normal, and more than 90% of new moms experience it. 

But if you still notice massive hair fall after one year of your delivery, you should see a dermatologist and find a solution for hair fall. 

Home Remedies For Postpartum Hair Loss 

How can any pregnancy-related topic be complete unless we talk about the wisdom of our previous generation that is passed down to each woman when they are expecting a child. There are a few home remedies that Indian mothers and grandmothers swear by. Try these and see if they help your hair fall after delivery. 

  • Massage your hair regularly and wash them the next day. Massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth. So, even if you lose hair, you are gaining new hair to compensate for that.  
  • Soak fenugreek overnight and drink that water in the morning. This is also proven to help increase breast milk supply for new moms.  
  • Apply curd to the scalp before shampooing. 

The bottom line is it is normal to experience hair fall after delivery, and it is nothing to be worried about. A few simple dietary and hair care routine changes can slow down the hair fall after delivery.

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