Waterproof Cloth Bags – Uses and More


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Waterproof Cloth Bags/wet bags were traditionally designed to store used and soiled diapers on the go. But over a period of time, they have become much more feasible and can be put to use for various purposes.

SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bags are made of high quality materials. They are super soft and huge and come with 2 zipper compartments. The bigger compartment has double TPU lining to make them truly waterproof! They also have loops at both ends which helps hanging onto rods. They are 40×30 cms in size and can hold upto 12-15 diapers easily.

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Some uses of Waterproof Cloth Bags:

1. Store Soiled Diapers: While you are away from home and you have had a poopy baby, the pooped cloth diapers can simply be folded and stored in the wetbag. The poop smell or the diaper wetness won’t even be felt outside. All you need to do is zip up the wet bag and keep it safe.

2. Can be used as a travel kit: Whenever you are traveling, these bags can be used to store shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries. Having one Waterproof Cloth Bag to store them is sufficient.

3. Can be used as a travel laundry bag: Storing the clothes for laundry in a plastic bag is boring, out of style and a no-no for the environment. These bags can be used to store the spoiled or used clothes that need to go for a wash. The wet bag is very much capable of keeping the smell and wetness within itself. You won’t smell a thing outside.

4. Grocery bag: Imagine walking in the market with a stylish Waterproof Cloth Bag to carry groceries instead of a boring plastic bag. Sounds great and makes you more of an eco-friendly and supercool parent.

5. Swimsuits: You can very well carry your swimsuits in the Waterproof Cloth Bag and it will take care of the wetness and keep it inside.

6. Food and Lunch boxes: Wet bags keep the moisture inside. Hence, storing food or lunch boxes is a great option. Moreover, if ever your tiffin leaks, your bag won’t be spoilt. The wet bag will be, however its washable. Many moms prefer taking lunch boxes in the Waterproof Cloth Bags.

7. Cloth Pads: If you are one of those eco-friendly moms who use cloth pads instead of disposable sanitary napkins, then Waterproof Cloth Bags are ideal for you. Just dump in the used cloth pads inside the Waterproof Cloth Bags and you are good to go.

8. Mobile Phones: During Rainy season, Waterproof Cloth Bags turn out to be a great idea in storing mobile phones and other such electronics.

9. Carrying stuffs for strolls: it is very handy to store stuff like keys, mobile phones, etc. when you are going for short walks.

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