Things to Look for while Selecting Cloth Diapers


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When parents welcome their bundle of joy, they prepare themselves for various daily decisions. It can be intimidating for new parents because they want the best for their children. Every decision new parents make from now on will have an immediate impact on their baby, so feeling overwhelmed is natural.

Decisions range from which car seat to purchase, which brand of clothing is gentle on the baby's skin, and which baby formula will suit their baby's tummy to whether to use reusable diapers or disposable diapers may appear to be a daily routine.

However, these day-to-day decisions can put new parents in a stressful situation. You can continue reading to learn about what you should consider before selecting the right cloth diapers for your baby, and diapers are the best cloth diapers.

5 Things To Consider Before Selecting The Cloth Diapers

Children grow up quickly. Their tiny human being, which you brought home a few months ago, has grown up. Diapers are one of the first things parents must become familiar with purchasing once their bundle of joy arrives. It is one of the babies' essential accessories at all times.

Many factors go into purchasing the perfect pair of diapers, making it a stressful decision for parents with newborns and first-time parents. As a result, when choosing a diaper for your baby, here are five essential factors to consider:

1. Size: Choosing a diaper that fits your baby well is essential. A newborn diaper that is too small may not provide enough coverage, while a diaper that is too big may not stay in place and may leak. Most diaper brands offer a size chart to help you choose the appropriate size based on your baby's weight.

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However, SuperBottoms UNO is available in complimentary sizes. It is an adjustable diaper with snaps to adjust from the waist, but it does not need to be adjusted along the; snap on the top or bottom row, depending on the required length. In addition, the snaps can be adjusted front or back to adjust the waist, eliminating the hassle of finding the size-wise diaper.

2. Absorbency: Diapers come with different absorbency levels, an essential factor to consider depending on your baby's age and how often they need to be changed. For example, newborns tend to have more frequent diaper changes than older babies, so you may want to choose a diaper with a higher level of absorbency for newborns.

Look for baby cloth diapers that can provide absorbency for up to 10-12 hours, such as SuperBottoms UNO, which can be used on most average heavy-wetting babies when combined with a booster pad. Add a Very Heavy Wetter Booster Pad for extra absorption if your baby is a heavy wetter.

3. Material: Diapers can be made from various materials, including cotton, bamboo, and synthetic. Consider the diaper's material and how it may affect your baby's skin. Some babies may have sensitivities or allergies to certain fabrics, so choosing a gentle diaper on their skin is essential.

4. Brand: Different diaper brands offer different features and benefits, such as extra absorbency, a better fit, or eco-friendliness. Research and compare to find one that meets your needs and preferences.

SuperBottoms, India's leading reusable cloth diaper brand, offers 100% natural, organic, and certified baby essentials, from swaddle wraps to baby blankets. Its free-size UNO is environmentally friendly, washable, and reusable up to 300 times. It also has a Super DryFeel Layer that keeps the baby dry for extended periods.

5. Price: Cloth diaper prices can be a significant expense for parents, so it's essential to consider the amount when choosing a diaper brand. However, remember that the cheapest option may only sometimes be the best quality or provide the most effective protection for your baby. So consider finding a balance between affordability and quality when choosing a diaper brand.

However, switching to cloth diapers, such as SuperBottoms UNO, saves 74% throughout your baby's diapering journey. And now for the math:
In 3 years - 16 UNO x Rs 800 = Rs 10800 Vs 5 disposables/day x 900 days x Rs 10 = Rs 45000.


Choosing cloth diapers is one of the most important decisions a new parent must make. We hope this list has helped you decide which diaper to buy. We are confident that your baby will be happy and cheerful now that you know what to buy.


SuperBottoms has become a household name among parents looking for environmentally friendly diapering, everyday wear, and bumwear options. However, it is not a baby product brand. Instead, we provide a wide range of new mothers and women products. If you live in Canada, Kuwait, the United States, Qatar, Hawaii, Bahrain, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, or the Philippines, SuperBottoms is an absolute must-have for you and your child.


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