Reusable Langots for Newborn Babies


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Parenthood is a blessing that brings along a lot of joy, happiness, and a sense of calm into the life of new parents and their families. But parenthood sometimes also comes with its own set of challenges. If the parents are living in a different country like the USA or Canada, and want to raise their babies traditionally with the products which were traditionally used by their parents for them when they were younger, it can be a challenge as well as a struggle.

Now whether these products are recipes and ingredients for a new mother to help her with increasing her breast milk supply or diapering products for the baby, the desire for parents to recreate traditional parenting in a new country is valid. This article will help you understand everything about langots – What are cotton longot and newborn baby langot, how to choose the best baby langots, and where to order them!

What Is A Baby Langot?

Traditionally made of cotton, a langot for newborn baby is the first bumwear or diaper that a newborn baby wears. Langot is a comfortable, reusable, washable cloth diaper that can soak up to only one pee. Langot is not waterproof and is supposed to be changed after every pee and poop episode. But some langots, like SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langot, are semi-waterproof.

They do not let your baby feel the wetness or dampness on their skin but you can feel the dampness on the outside and know that you need to change it. The Dry Feel feature is important as langot are meant for newborn babies and they do not need to feel the wetness, unlike toddlers who are undergoing potty training and need to feel the dampness.

In colder countries like the USA & Canada, changing the newborn cloth diapers and langots as soon as your baby soils them and having a dry feel feature is all the more important. These countries are colder, and if your baby remains in a wet diaper for too long, the pee can turn cold and your baby can catch a cold or infection due to urine in the diaper.

Why SuperBottoms Langots are Best Choice?

No matter what country you live in – colder, or warmer - the USA, Canada, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Armenia or India, Langots are the best choice for disposable diapers for newborn babies. Here are a few reasons why Langot makes should make it to your cloth diaper stash:

The Meconium Phase – In the initial few days, your baby will be passing the amniotic fluid they have ingested while they were in your womb. This is a green, sticky, slime-like poop that takes a few days to clear out and is called meconium. SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langot are easy to wash and dry quickly, thus a great choice for the initial days when there will be a lot of diaper changes – sometimes even up to ten to twelve diaper changes in a day.

Reduces The Chances Of Rashes – The skin of your newborn baby is very sensitive and delicate. Living in a colder country like the USA or Canada can also make the skin even drier due to the cold climate. The chances of chafing and as a result having rashes are higher in such conditions. But super soft langots that are made of Organic Cotton and AZO-free dyes.

SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langots ensure that your baby’s skin is safe and no rashes can irritate or bother them. The detergent build-up in cloth diapers can also lead to diaper rashes on your baby’s skin. Dry Feel Langots are easy to wash, and if you use a laundry detergent that is formulated specifically to wash diapers, the chances of having rashes are further reduced.

Earth Friendly – Disposable diapers might be an easier choice, but is it a conscious choice too? A disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose completely. Millions of disposable diapers reach landfills and are harming the environment. Langots on the other hand are reusable and washable. Till the time you do not have to move to modern reusable cloth diapers – UNO, and if you want to keep using langots for diaper-free time, it is any day an eco-friendly and earth-friendly choice.

Pocket Friendly – Something that can be used just once and thrown away vs. something that can be used hundreds of times after washing – the math is very simple. Disposable diapers can burn a hole in your pocket, as they are super expensive in the longer run. On the other hand, Langots are affordable, reusable and sustainable!

Cute Prints – Well, it is not always just about a product's functionality and practical aspect, right? The langot on your baby’s bum should also look cute as a button, right? SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langots are available in cute prints that will make your baby look super cute and pair up well with Jhablas, frocks, and T-shirts.

So, the choice is simple, right? Get your baby’s set of Langots TODAY!


Hey moms and dads from across the globe! Although SuperBottoms is an Indian homegrown brand, the thoughtfully designed products by a team of parents are suitable for kids worldwide. So no matter what country you live in – Canada, Kuwait, the USA, Qatar, Hawai, Bahrain, Armenia, UAE, or Philipines – SuperBottoms is for you and your little one!


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