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From the moment we see that line on the pregnancy test that confirms that soon a new member of our lives and our family is going to come, we all start planning every aspect of life. We begin to look at the changes we need to make, the things we need to buy and arrange for, and the lifestyle changes we need to make. Among these significant decisions to be made, we also need to decide the essentials we will need from day one and arrange for all of those. This article will talk about 5 essential things, like baby cloth diapers, season-appropriate clothes, blankets etc., for your baby's arrival!

5 Essentials For A Newborn Baby

1. Cloth Diapers

One of the essential baby accessories you will need from the moment your baby is born, cleaned, and handed over to you is cloth diapers for babies. Before deciding between disposable diapers and cloth diapers, remember that the goodness of cloth will always precede chemical-loaded plastic diapers. In addition, cloth diapers are cheaper in the long run, safe for your baby's skin, and good for the environment.

You can choose a combination of baby cloth diapers based on your baby's pee pattern and needs. For example, a couple of baby Langots clubbed with UNO is ideal. Langots can soak up to one pee, which is excellent for feeding the baby, as most kids pee or poop right after feeding. While for nighttime diapering, UNO is an ideal choice.

2. Baby Apparel

Babies have very sensitive and delicate skin at the newborn stage. So, anything synthetic, plastic or harsh on their skin can lead to redness, irritation and even rashes. This applies to their clothes and apparel as well. The reason most Indian parents prefer to make their newborn babies wear Langots and Mulmul Jhablas is that they are made of soft and organic cotton and are easy on the skin of babies in the initial stage till they get used to other fabrics and the outside environment.

3. Baby Blankets & Swaddles

It is a significant change for the baby coming out from the snug, cozy environment inside the womb to the outside world and environment. A snug wrap in a Baby Swaddle or being tucked inside a warm blanket can give them the sense of comfort and security they need. Thus keep a few pairs of swaddles and blankets washed and ready for the baby to use from day one.

4. Breastfeeding Accessories

For the first six months of your baby's life, they will depend on your milk completely for nutrition. Thus, breastfeeding will become a big part of your life. But along with breastfeeding, there also come other issues such as leaky breasts, sore nipples, the need to nurse in public etc.
Stack up a couple of Dry Feel Nursing Pads, Nipple Butter, Stole Style Nursing Covers for nursing in public, and other breastfeeding accessories you would need.

5. Baby Detergent

A detergent might not seem like a more extensive decision to someone. But a baby's skin is delicate and sensitive to the harshness of ingredients in a regular detergent. So, if there is detergent build-up in baby's reusable diapers, washable diaper or everyday clothes, if they are not washed correctly or if the residue in the clothes irritates your baby's skin – it can lead to body or diaper rash or skin allergies. 

Super Laundry Sheets by SuperBottoms are laundry sheets explicitly formulated for cloth diapers and baby clothes. They are toxin-free, free from harsh chemicals and best suited for your baby's sensitive and delicate skin.

If you think you can delay the shopping task and do this after your baby arrives, that might be the most challenging thing to do. Once the baby is home, the health of the mother, the baby's feeding and sleeping schedules, etc., takes the front seat, and you might not find any time to go shopping after this anytime soon. Thus, stocking up on the essentials is always a great idea.


1. From Day 1 – You need diapers, Jhablas, etc. from day 1. Keep the stock ready.
2. The Mumma Essentials: Remember that arranging things for the mother well in advance is as important as shopping for the baby to arrive.
3. Reviews & Research: Get the best for your baby. Do proper research & take feedback from parents before buying.


Hello there, New Parents! SuperBottoms is always working hard to bring you high-quality products designed by parents for parents. As a result, the quality of SuperBottoms is exceptional, and it complements the sensitive skin of newborn babies and new mothers worldwide, including India, Qatar, the UAE, Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain!


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