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Want to know a true story from a parent? Dimple, who was one of the very first customers of SuperBottoms, has seen the journey of the brand, has tried, tested, bought, and given feedback on every product that the company has ever launched, and today is an integral part of the team, as well as the cloth diapering community & Parent's Tribe By SuperBottoms, shares her experience on cloth diapering during the vacation with us. Hear! Hear! Let's hear it from the horse's mouth! 

When we went on our first vacation with our baby Glen, I took it as an adventure to exclusively use cloth diapers during our vacations & trips. We went on a ten days holiday to Goa which happens to be our native place. I was not confident, to be honest, in cloth diapers during all these days. I was sceptical and didn't want this holiday to be hectic, mainly because my son Glen was frequently pooping during his teething phase. But this didn't stop us from being exclusively cloth diapering parents. Here is what we did and how we did it.

What All We Carried Along - Our Stash:

One might assume that baby cloth diapering while on vacation or out on a trip will require many things. To our surprise, this is not true. Here is all we needed for exclusively cloth diapering on vacation. 

• 5 SuperBottoms Freesize UNO Diapers

• 7 Regular Pads Set

• 1 Waterproof Cloth Bag

And that's all. All this stuff can easily fit in 1/3rd of your small backpack.

What did we use:

A significant part of our days went with SuperBottoms UNOs (we barely used 2 Waterproof Outers and 5 Dry Feel Regular Pads a day). SuperBottoms UNO worked great for the night. The best part was that we were in a village for 4 days and got great sunlight. It was too hot during the day, and the diapers dried in less than four hours, and I realized I'd carried way too much. We didn't need too many diapers because I wasn't sure of the climate and the place we would be staying, so I didn't want to risk it. It was worth it because we stayed at the beach for the next four days, and that's when we needed a big stash. The diapers took more than half a day to dry here. Moreover, Glen had loose motion throughout our journey from day 1. We used reusable liners most of the time, and disposable liners were of great help when visiting places.

How we did Cloth Diapering on vacation:

We rinsed the diapers as soon as they were off the bum. Then, whenever we were out, traveling or sightseeing, we stuffed the used diapers in a Waterproof Cloth Bag. They took care of the smell and wetness, and we didn't have to worry much about it. The diapers were washed the following day and line dried in the sun. Then, I would hand rinse them under a wash basin and soak them in detergent and water in a bucket.

I never thought I could do it. But once I did, we have always exclusively cloth diapered in all our vacations.

This story or experience sharing is just one of the 20 lakh plus happy parents who have found success in cloth diapering and have done their part in saving the planet and ensuring a comfortable, rash-free baby at home. You will find many such stories at Parent's Tribe By the SuperBottoms community. Are you a member yet?

Share your cloth diapering stories with us, too & let us know how you liked this story in the comments.


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