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Cloth Diapering Benefits and Product Guide

Dry Feel Pad

Your SuperBottoms Uno consists of three parts - a Multi-size Waterproof Outer, a Dry Feel Pad and a Booster Pad.

How to wash:

Step 1: Knock off poop if any.


STEP 1: Rinse off pee/poop if any, using a little detergent.

STEP 2: Soak the Multi-size Waterproof Outer for 30 minutes in detergent water.

STEP 3: Wash well by rubbing properly, do not use brush.

STEP 4: Rinse thoroughly till no detergent remains.

STEP 5: Line dry under sun.

Machine wash:

STEP 1: Put the dirty diaper in the machine with little detergent and run a short cycle to get it clean.

STEP 2: If you want to, you can now add your other clothes to the machine and run your longer regular wash cycle. Add a regular amount of detergent with your other laundry.

STEP 3: Dry in machine.


Add water softener if you have hard water. 

DO NOT use Dettol/fabric softeners/detergent with fragrances/conditioners.

DO NOT wring hard. 

If you are traveling, keep the used diapers in a sealed bag – a Waterproof Cloth Bag is a good option for this as it comes with a proper tight closure.

Cloth Diapering is a brilliant option for your baby’s diapering needs. It, however, does take some getting used to. We, at SuperBottoms, are committed to simplifying cloth diapering to take it to all the babies in India. It is a great choice both for your child and the environment.

Cloth diapers come in various features such as double leak-guards, square tabs, tummy strips for tummy sleeping babies, pocket flaps etc. Each small feature can make a huge difference to your baby’s comfort and your cloth diapering experience. Choose the right cloth diaper.

If you have any queries about Cloth Diapering and Cloth Diapers in India, you can also go through our FAQs or reach out to us at +917499025345 anytime on call / Whatsapp or write to us here. We will be happy to help you. Always.

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