Benefits of Using Baby Diaper Pants


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There is no right time to wear diaper pants. Some new parents prefer to use them as early as possible to their diaper preference. While others wait until their child shows signs of readiness for potty training.

However, it is absolutely up to you whether to want to transition to diaper pants. Many Indian cultures use diaper pants on newborn babies, whereas in the west, the transition is more gradual as the baby grows.

If your baby is constantly moving and becoming restless during diaper changes, it may be time to consider switching to baby diaper pants.

Changing to diaper pants might change your routine slightly. Keep in mind that, rather than switching to diaper pants entirely, your family might benefit from using both regular diapers and diaper pants for a while.

Decide what is more convenient and comfortable for you and your baby. Some parents believe that wearing diaper pants during the day while their child is running around and using a regular diaper at night will be more comfortable.

If you are thinking about switching to newborn diaper pants, here are a few things to consider:

When to use Diaper Pants?

When babies reach the age of 9 months, they may begin to wiggle or roll around during cloth diaper changes. Many parents may see benefits in starting a diaper-changing routine around that age, though some may wait until their child is ready for potty training.

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Why should I switch to diaper pants?

When your baby begins crawling or moving around a lot, diaper pants allow them to continue exploring with minimal fuss when you change their diaper.

Diaper pants allow you to change diapers while your baby is standing, crawling, or otherwise active. So, instead of laying your baby down to change their diaper, you can simply pull the period diaper pants and easily put on a new pair.

What is the right way to put on diaper pants?

First, double-check that you've correctly identified the front and back of the padded underwear inside the pajama.

Pass one leg at a time through the underwear's leg holes while the baby is leaning against something or hugging you, and then pull the padded underwear up to their tummy.

Remember to wrap your fingers around the leg cuffs to ensure they are facing outward to prevent leaks.

Are diaper pants absorbent?

SuperBottoms Diapers Pants have a super dry feel layer comprising three layers of 100% cotton padding and can hold up to one pee.

It avoids the mess caused by inadvertent leaks and keeps your baby warm in the Indian winters.

Will diaper pants be comfortable for my baby?

Diaper pants are designed for babies who are born to run! They'll appreciate the stretchy fit and freedom of movement around the leg cuffs.

If you are using disposable diapers on your baby then they may become loose after active playtime and exploration because of the elastic waistband.

Diaper pants are super soft and comfortable for your baby, and when the time comes, your baby will be able to pull the pants down himself or herself.

How are Diaper Pants different from Padded Underwear?

SuperBottoms Newborn Diaper Pants are a combination of Padded Underwear and Cotton Pyjamas stitched together. So you get the goodness of 2 products in 1 and because it caters to the same age range of kids as Potty Training Pants which is 9 months to 4 years.

Diaper Pants along with the 3 layers of padding inside, are made of 100% Cotton, which means your child will be super comfortable while playing.


1. No Right Time: There is no right time to wear diaper pants.
2. Double Check: Remember to wrap your fingers around the leg cuffs to ensure they are facing outward to prevent leaks.
3. Super Comfortable: Diaper pants are super soft and comfortable for your baby.


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