5 Reasons why Cloth Diapers are Best for Baby


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Parenting decisions about the parents and the baby become a big part of your life, even before you conceive the baby. Starting from when you want to become parents, the tests you need to undergo pre-pregnancy, the supplements, check-ups, all things that you and your baby will need eventually – you need to start reading up, asking for reviews, talking to experts and start taking all these decisions one by one. Some of these would be one-time decisions, like what will be your child's name, while some decisions will be for the long term and would need shopping frequently for years.

One of the few things your baby will need from day one and will need for a long time, for up to three years in many cases, is baby diapers. If you are at a phase where you are reading up and making your mind up about which diapers to finally choose, this article will help you understand why cloth diapers are the best thing for your baby's diapering needs. This article will also give you reasons to move to washable diapers if you already use disposable diapers.

Reasons To Choose Cloth Diapers For Babies

1. The Feeling Of Comfort On Your Baby's Bum
Disposable diapers are made of polyethylene, polyurethane, and other plastic and synthetic materials. In addition, it contains perfumes to mask the smell of poop and pee and harmful chemicals and toxins to convert the pee into a gel in order to increase the absorbance of the diaper. On the contrary, reusable diapers are made of cloth, sustainable, biodegradable, best suited, and most comfortable for your young baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

Furthermore, baby cloth diapers are made of natural and sustainable fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp, and bamboo. For generations and ages, we have known that cloth is best when it comes to the comfort of your baby. And natural fibers are any day a more comfortable choice than anything synthetic. Thus, the comfort of your baby is the no. 1 reason you should choose baby cloth diapers over disposable diapers.

2. Rash, Rash, Baby!
If there is one thing all new parents dread, it is their baby going through a phase of bad health or having allergies, rasher, or any painful moments. Unfortunately, diaper rash is something almost all babies experience at least once in their childhood. But this can be avoided.

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The harsh chemicals in disposable diapers make your baby susceptible to skin allergies and diaper rashes. Moreover, because of the chemical lead absorbance and the claims of dryness for up to 12 hours, you feel like your baby is dry and tend to keep the disposable diapers for longer. Prolonged exposure to pee also causes diaper rash.

Cloth diapers for babies are known not to cause skin rashes, irritation, or allergies. It is simply made from layers of cloth stitched together and, if appropriately washed and changed in time, can never lead to any painful and nasty rashes.

3. Where Did All The Money Go?
If you compare one piece of a disposable diaper with one piece of a newborn diaper, you will feel like disposable diapers are cheaper. But disposable diapers are a one-time use product, and then they end up in a dump. On the other hand, cloth diapers are washable, and good quality diapers such as SuperBottoms UNO can be washed and reused up to 300 times. Thus, in the long run, any day cloth diaper is much cheaper in comparison with disposable ones. This is another important reason why cloth diapers should be preferred over disposable diapers.

4. Saviour Of The Planet!
All disposable diapers ultimately reach landfills and remain there for several hundred years before decomposing. On average, one child uses 7000 diapers before they are entirely potty trained. This number is limited to sixteen to twenty at max in the case of cloth diapers. Also, the cloth is biodegradable and decomposes much earlier, thus posing no harm to the environment and causing no toxic pollution, unlike plastic.

5. What About After I Have Bought it?
If you buy disposable diapers, the brand's responsibility is over once the purchase is made. But leading and customer cloth diaper brands such as SuperBottoms ensure they hand to hold their customers even after the sale. They offer demos, fit checks, and customer support if you need troubleshooting. They also manage a community of parents – Parents Tribe by SuperBottoms to help new parents through the journey and decisions of parenting, not limited just to cloth diapering.

So, here, we have given more than enough reasons to make the switch TODAY! So, head to the UNO section and choose your favorite print from the wide variety available. Choose sustainably, choose budget-friendly, and choose cloth diapers! Happy Parenting!


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