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Below email in our inbox just made our day and boosted the team's morale. Love received from one our customers from Banglore.

        Hi Superbottoms team!😃
This is Nanditha here based out of Bangalore who's exclusive cloth diapering my LO with 10 cute SuperBottoms Freesize UNO and I'm writing to express my "thank youuu Superbottoms ❤🤗" & share my elaborate review and experience with you :)
[ I'm a very talkative person & find it very difficult to contain my excitement and cut short whatever I have to convey, so this may be a pretty long read😅 sorry for the spam in advance]
🎄  how I chose Superbottoms
🎄 what I loved the most
🎄 what I think SB can add to become even more super
🎄 how I chose Superbottoms
💠 I have been using Superbottoms Freesize uno for my baby since 2 months after I was accidentally introduced to it through a Google Pay discount coupon code shared by my friend! While both of us were totally unaware of what cloth diapers are, this coupon helped us read up about and start using cloth diapers from Superbottoms 😃 Post that I did extensive read up on the modern cloth diapering culture and was surprised to see the advantages of & number of mommies around the world opting for cloth diapers!! Based on my search histories I started getting ads of many cloth diapering brands that honestly confused me in picking the best brand for my LO🙄
Once I studied the Superbottoms website and the elaborate blogs and questionnaires answered on insta posts & YouTube, I decided right-away to make my LO BFFs with Bummy❤😋
🎄what I loved the most
❤️ Buttery soft magic dry pads and shell pocket linings! The smart grid stitch on the magic dry pads makes folding and hanging on dryer so much more convenient👌
❤️ Innovative pad upgrades to making it foldable thus decreasing drying time significantly! This also is giving a better snug for the baby😇
❤️  Design team coming up with an amazing variety of professional, attractive cute lovely prints! Smart choice of button colors that camouflage so well with the main shell!
❤️ Firm buttons that don't hurt the baby!
❤️ Soft stretchable elastics!
❤️ Anti-skid texture of cover shells
❤️ Snap button pullers made from a different piece of firm cloth to ensure good snapping and avoiding unnecessary stretching of the main cover shell thereby increasing its durability
❤️ The efforts made in making the website extremely resourceful & user-friendly!
❤️ The amaaaaaazingly quick, personal, knowledgeable customer support!
❤️ The much needed detailed sessions & tutorials on social networking sites to help educate and clear all possible doubts of us mommies!
❤️ Cool rewards points system and frequent surprise discounts! 
❤️ Super speedy delivery even thought the challenging pandemic times!
❤️ Eco friendly packaging with a good quality pouch that can be used for a 100 other things!
❤️ A proud Made In India venture empowering many underprivileged women
❤️ Best of all: the stubbornness to never make a compromise in delivering to your clients the promised quality! ❤️ 
🎄 what I think SB can add to become even more super
These are few suggestions that crossed my mind and thought of sharing the same, because I believe feedbacks can have enormous promising impact on any system's growth and success
☀️ Solid color shells; plain or with simple self prints ( though I'm strictly a patterns & design maniac 🥳 & feel bored of plain colors, I believe there are some mommie out there who prefer solid colors)
☀️ Mooore designs pleaseee🙈 if copyright/ licensing issues are delaying the adoption of designs, maybe we can have simple prints repeating all over like that of Baby Hearts, Lil' Crush, Color pop. Can try patterns out of a kaleidoscope, tie dye patterns, vegetable prints as well
☀️ Omission of text and daily usage objects combination with fruits. Though this might aid in making the diapers more interactive for the kids, I tend to not prefer it. Eg: mango and watermelon prints have a combo of juice tumblers, pickle jars, bowls and related texts. I personally don't prefer such combos and would enjoy only the natural cute fruits printed 😀 ( major reason why I had to half heartedly drop these prints in my previous order 🙁) other food related objects and containers can be a part of food themed SB UNO seperately
☀️ Waterproof aprons / shirt /shorts for mommies as the fabric in SB UNO shells makes a great fabric to use for bathing the little ones! Cherry blossoms, Baby Hearts, Gulmohar will make great candidates for it😍
☀️ A little longer validity of smiles from the current 60 days for every 10,000 😉
☀️ Sling-bag (like those with top handle and long belt) maybe with cotton padding and pockets to store the clean-dried baby cloth diapers and pads. This will help in making diaper storage portable at home than trying to rearrange clothes and making space in the cupboard
☀️ Maybe a fun event calling out for mommies to submit design themes they are looking for or some patterns made by kids and vote for the ones that your design team comes up with based on these ideas
Thank you SuperBottoms for introducing me to cloth diapering ❤😊
(images atttached : My LO's current SB stash with my most favorite hand picked patterns 😋
Take care,
Thanks and Rgds,

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