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One fine evening, our SuperBottoms team sat together & pondered over the values & beliefs that we stand for. It felt like an ardent need to make a move towards a better future, do something more for the babies & shape a better life for them. After all, we’ve borrowed the planet from them. But what could we do that we’d not done in the past? How to make ourselves better for our babies as they love to imitate us? The answer was simple. We had to get better. We’d to look for perfection. And redefine ourselves with a promise to work harder & better every day.

This is where it all started. We began a rebranding journey with 100% honest intentions & pure love to deliver what you see as we’re honest about our products, actions, and so much more. We built an all-parents team to bring in the genuine intent of doing things right with our personal experience, keep it clean, honest & pure and guide the brand where we aim it to reach.

We’re proud to have gone out of our way to do the right thing even when no one was watching. We, like everyone else, could cut corners at many places like buying cheaper fabrics, heavy mechanisms, etc. but we chose the opposite direction. Just how any responsible parent would want to see a transparent and honest process to believe in our core strengths & what we do, we thought of putting it up for everyone. 

Who better than a mascot, to bring out our intentions and reflect our soul & hard work into one? Animals have always been our top favourites as they are sentient beings with ingrained core values, love & care. We brainstormed & concluded that our mascot should be soft, innocent, honest and kind to the environment while being super comfy & super cute. And thus, came in Bummy! Honest, soft & innocent, just like our products. You might have noticed Bummy making an entrance earlier on our website. He is here to help our customers navigate their journey of cloth diapering with SuperBottoms. Say Hello! :)

So why a white rabbit you may ask!

Rabbits are pure & gentle beings who are friendly, energetic & completely harmless. Additionally, white is often associated with them, which signifies the presence of light, peace & purity. Our SuperBottoms Bummy is also a genius who comes up with ideas to make things awesome for the babies he adores so much!

How Bummy puts it, “I’ll always be around to help you, play with you and of course, chill with you! After all, I'm here to make parenting fun! Nature has so much to offer, time to give it some back while keeping our li’l one’s best interests on top priorities. We can’t compromise, we won’t compromise. Pinky promise!”

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