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Best Home-Made Remedies for Baby's Fever

A newborn baby fever temperature is a very normal phenomenon, and if the fever in a newborn baby is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there is nothing really to worry about. However, if the temperature rises from 100 degrees, it's essential to bring it down soon. Apart from medication or rushing to the doctor or emergency care, there are several home remedies for fever in babies. Every mother should learn about these home remedies for fever in babies. But in case the temperature is not lowering and your baby feels restless, you should consult your baby's pediatrician immediately. Home remedy for fever in babies should be first aid and not the last resort. Ideally, the doctor recommends a syrup or medication if your baby has a fever. However, if you tried this and still, within four hours, the fever doesn't lower, you can use home remedies for fever in babies to lower the body temperature. There are several methods for baby fever treatment at home. This article will discuss those home remedies for fever in babies that might help new parents here.

List Of Different Home Remedies To Treat Fever In Babies

Before administering medication, parents look for home remedies for fever in babies in most cases. This next section will explore the six best home remedies for fever in babies.  

▪ Lukewarm Bath

If the body temperature is above 100 degrees and not lowering down, we can give the baby a lukewarm bath or a sponge. This is very important to learn about home remedies for fever in babies. It is advised to use slightly warm water for a sponge bath because cold or normal water can make a drastic change in the body temperature, so ideally, it is advised to use a sponge or cotton cloth to dip in the water and slowly massage the body parts of the baby such as forehead farms feet in the chest. If required, the whole body can also be sponged. Make sure while sponging, the room temperature should be normal. It will help in gradually decreasing the body temperature of the baby.

▪ Fluid Intake

When the newborn is suffering from fever, there are chances of getting dehydrated. So, keeping the baby's body hydrated for baby fever treatment is crucial. Fluid intake is one of the home remedies for fever in babies. Frequent intake of fluids helps the new baby's fever temperature to lower. It is advised to breastfeed or formula more often, keep a regular check on the wet diapers and keep a check when the baby is crying; he should cry with tears. Due to weakness in the newborn baby's body, he might refuse the fluid intake but try and make the body easy and comfortable as baby fever treatment is a must. Fluids play an important role in lowering body temperature. You may give small sips repeated after small intervals.

▪ Cold Compress

Because fever is prevalent in newborn babies, the mother should learn how to bring down the baby's fever. Home remedies for fever in babies can help avoid medicines and treat the disease at home. One of the common home remedies for fever is a cold compress. Cold compress is used when the temperature is high, even after the medicine dose. Because we cannot give the repeated dose before 4 hours minimum, we can use the cold compress method. The cold compress method is done with regular tap water. The correct way to do that cloth compress is to dip a clean cloth in normal water, squeeze the cloth and place it on the child's forehead. Once the cloth gets warm due to the body temperature, it should be replaced with another wrung cloth dipped and squeezed in normal tap water. Within a few minutes, you may find the lowering of the body temperature

▪ Lightweight Clothing 

Lightweight clothing is also considered among the best home remedies for fever in babies. While the baby is suffering from fever, it is essential to let the baby feel easy and comfortable. If the baby is wearing too many clothes, try to lessen the clothes so that the body can breathe easily. Soft cotton clothes or advice when the baby is suffering from a high fever. Keeping the body light and comfortable is considered a good home remedy for baby fever. Try and maintain the room temperature accordingly; too high a temperature in the room may increase the baby's body temperature. So, it is advised to keep the baby covered with a soft cotton blanket, and the fan should be on in the summers. You can also maintain the AC temperature up to 26 to 27 degrees. This will help make the baby comfortable, and the temperature will not rise.

▪ Mustard Oil And Garlic Massage

The mustard oil and garlic combination is one of the most effective home remedies for fever in babies. It becomes a very effective agent when these two ingredients are mixed. This mixture helps sweat the body to release the toxins from the baby's body.

The preparation of this mixture of mustard oil and garlic is effortless. First, take four tablespoons of mustard oil and eat with a few garlic cloves. Next, let it heat up to mix the garlic with the mustard oil. Once the mixture is done, keep it aside till it comes back to room temperature. Then, gently massage the baby's forehead, palms, neck, chest and back. This method helps the newborn baby's fever temperature and relaxes the body.

▪ Onion Rub

One of the home remedies to treat newborn baby fever temperature is the use of onions. Onion is highly known for its versatile property that helps lower body temperature and relieves the body pain caused due to fever.

 Let's learn how to bring down baby fever with the help of onions. Onion is one of the most common ingredients found in Indian kitchens. To treat the body's high temperature, we have to cut 2 - 3 slices of onion and rub them on the newborn's feet. This method can be done two to three times a day. It is very effective and helps in lowering body temperature.

Home remedies are effective in baby fever treatment. These home remedies help avoid medicines and can be used when the doctor is unavailable. In addition, home remedies help relax the body and relieve the baby's discomfort. Several home remedies work wonders. But in case the baby's body temperature is not ready to subside, immediately consulting the doctor or rushing to the hospital is advised. There should be no delay.

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