Safe and Effective Tips to Reduce Fever During Pregnancy
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• Introduction
• What Is Fever?
• Is Fever A Symptom Of Pregnancy?
• Is Fever A Sign Of Early Pregnancy?
• Causes Of Fever In Pregnancy
• Effect On Baby Due To Fever In Pregnancy
• How To Treat Fever During Pregnancy?
• Home Remedies To Reduce Fever In Pregnancy
• Precautions To Avoid Fever In Pregnancy

Navigating fever during pregnancy is crucial, considering its potential implications. While fever isn't typically a pregnancy symptom, it can arise from various factors. Understanding the causes, treatment options, and home remedies for fever during pregnancy is essential for maternal and foetal health. From bacterial or viral infections to inflammatory conditions, identifying the underlying cause is vital. Fever in pregnancy treatment involves staying hydrated, resting, and utilising cooling methods like compresses or baths. However, prompt consultation with healthcare providers is critical, especially if the fever persists or worsens. By addressing fever effectively, we prioritize the health and safety of both mother and baby during pregnancy.

What Is Fever?

When the body temperature is higher than usual, it is called fever. Each person's average temperature can be different, but scientifically, it is considered to be around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. One thing is clear: fever is not a disease. It signifies that your body is trying to fight off some disease or infection.

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Is Fever A Symptom Of Pregnancy?

Fever can be a sign of pregnancy. This is because, during ovulation, there is an increase in body temperature, which is called basal body temperature (BBT). Suppose periods do not come until two weeks after the due date, and the basal body temperature remains high during ovulation (about .5 Fahrenheit higher than average). In that case, it may be a sign of pregnancy. Thus, based on BBT, it can be ascertained that the woman has reached the early stage of her pregnancy.

Is Fever A Sign Of Early Pregnancy?

Fever is not typically considered a sign of early pregnancy. Common early signs of pregnancy usually include:

1. Missed Period: One of the most obvious signs.
2. Nausea is often referred to as morning sickness, though it can occur at any time.
3. Breast Changes: Tenderness, swelling, or darkening of the areolas.
4. Fatigue: Increased hormone progesterone levels can make you feel more tired.
5. Frequent Urination: The growing uterus can put pressure on your bladder.
6. Mood Swings: Hormonal changes can affect your emotions.
7. Food Aversions or Cravings: Changes in your sense of taste and smell.

Conversely, fever is more commonly associated with infections or illnesses rather than pregnancy itself. If you have a fever and suspect you might be pregnant, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider. They can determine if the fever is due to an underlying condition that needs to be addressed, and they can also confirm your pregnancy and ensure that everything is progressing normally.

Causes Of Fever In Pregnancy

The immune system weakens in pregnancy, as it has to do extra work to protect both the mother and the baby. During this, the body becomes susceptible and prone to infection, which can show up as a fever. Through the points given below, know about the most essential reasons that usually cause fever in pregnancy:

1. Cold or Influenza: A cold during pregnancy, usually an influenza viral infection, can cause a fever. During this, a runny nose, cough, and sore throat may occur. It usually gets better in 3-4 days, but if the problem continues for a long time, contact the doctor immediately.

2. Gastroenteritis (or stomach infection): Viruses and some bacteria mainly cause gastroenteritis, which has symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, and fever. This problem can also happen to pregnant women and have serious consequences.

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Effect On Baby Due To Fever In Pregnancy

Fever in pregnancy can prove to be fatal not only for the mother but also for the baby. Through the points given below, know how fever during pregnancy can hurt the baby:

1. Impairment of foetal development – ​​Hyperthermia (abnormally raised body temperature) during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or may hinder foetal development. Fever during pregnancy is significantly associated with congenital malformations.

2. Risk of oral clefts – According to a study, having a fever in pregnancy increases the risk of oral clefts (upper lip coming into contact with the nose) in babies. However, antipyretics (medicines to reduce fever) can reduce its harmful effects . However, you should consult the doctor first.

3. Risk of congenital disabilities (teratogens) – A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that women who develop a fever during or just before early pregnancy have an increased risk of congenital disabilities in their newborn.

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How To Treat Fever During Pregnancy?

Fever can occur during pregnancy, so don't worry too much about it. Keep a thermometer at home and regularly check your temperature. Contact your doctor immediately if your temperature is significantly higher than the average body temperature (98.6°F). Here are some simple fever in pregnancy treatments to help reduce a rising fever:

1. Wear Comfortable Clothing: Opt for loose-fitting, cotton clothes. If you feel cold, you can use a sheet or blanket.
2. Stay Hydrated: Drink water regularly to keep yourself hydrated.
3. Rest: Give your body plenty of rest. Since fever can cause dizziness, avoid moving around too much.
4. Ensure Good Ventilation: Stay in a well-ventilated room.
5. Consult Your Doctor: If you notice any specific or severe symptoms, seek medical advice immediately.

By following these steps, you can manage a fever during pregnancy more effectively and ensure your well-being.

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Home Remedies To Reduce Fever In Pregnancy

Natural remedies can reduce fever in pregnancy. They are also helpful for the common cold, flu, and some infections. However, remember that these are not medical treatments, so they should be chosen according to the symptoms of the problem.

• Tulsi tea: Tulsi is consumed to relieve many problems during pregnancy. In case of fever, boil four to five basil leaves in a cup of water for two to three minutes and drink it when it cools slightly. Basil's anti-fever property will work to get rid of fever during pregnancy.
• Fenugreek water: Fenugreek seeds can be used to eliminate fever during pregnancy. To do this, put a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water, keep it overnight, and filter the water in the morning. Consumption of fenugreek during pregnancy is considered safe.
• Sufficient water: To reduce fever during pregnancy, drink water in between meals so that you stay entirely hydrated.
• Cool Compress: Apply a cool, damp washcloth to your forehead, wrists, and neck to help lower your body temperature.
• Ginger Tea: Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties. To make a mild ginger tea, boil a few slices of fresh ginger in water, then let it cool before drinking.
• Honey and Lemon: Mix honey and lemon in warm water for a soothing drink. Honey can have antimicrobial properties, and lemon provides vitamin C.

When to Contact a Doctor

1. Persistent Fever: If the fever persists for more than 24-48 hours.
2. High Temperature: If your fever exceeds 100.4°F (38°C).
3. Other Symptoms: If you experience severe headaches, rash, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, or any other concerning symptoms.

Note: Always consult your healthcare provider before trying home remedies, especially during pregnancy. They can provide personalized advice based on your health needs.

Precautions To Avoid Fever In Pregnancy

Know below which things are essential to keep in mind to avoid fever in pregnancy:

• Pay special attention to diet. You should add fruit and vegetables to your diet. Also, the doctor's information on the proper diet should be taken.
• To avoid infection, keep yourself clean and wash your hands.
• Get regular medical checkups done.
• If you want, you can check your body temperature with a thermometer.
• In case of any discomfort, contact the doctor immediately.

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Key Takeaways

1. Fevers are not something serious. But you must talk to a doctor if you have a fever during your pregnancy to know the underlying cause.

2. In this article, we have provided you with all the possible things related to pregnancy-related fever.

3. We have talked about the precautions and home remedies for fever during pregnancy.


Is fever a symptom of pregnancy?

Ans. No, fever is not typically considered a symptom of pregnancy. Common early signs of pregnancy include a missed period, nausea, breast changes, fatigue, frequent urination, mood swings, and food aversions or cravings.

Is fever a sign of early pregnancy?

Ans. Fever is not usually a sign of early pregnancy. If you have a fever and suspect you might be pregnant, it's essential to consult a healthcare provider to rule out infections or other health issues.

How to treat fever during pregnancy?

Ans. To treat fever during pregnancy, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, get ample rest, and keep cool with lightweight clothing, a well-ventilated room, and cool compresses. Take lukewarm baths to help lower your temperature. Consult your doctor if the fever persists, exceeds 100.4°F, or if severe symptoms occur.

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