How to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl: Tips for Parents
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• When Do Babies Start To Crawl?
• Stages of Crawling
• Advantages of Crawling
• Types of Crawling
• How to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl?
• What to Do If Your Baby Doesn’t Start Crawling?
• Key Takeaways
• FAQs
• Message From SuperBottoms

Navigating the early stages of parenting can be challenging, but witnessing your baby's milestones makes it all worthwhile. Each achievement fosters excitement and deepens the bond between parents and their little ones, from their first smile to their independent sitting.

The crawling milestone is a significant leap in your baby's development, marking a new phase of exploration and independence. But when baby start crawling? And how can you play a role in encouraging this crucial skill development while ensuring your baby's safety?

This SuperBottoms article will address these questions and provide valuable insights into the crawling journey. So buckle up as we delve into the fascinating world of baby crawling, filled with wonder, discovery, and endless possibilities.

When Do Babies Start Crawling?

Most typically start between 6 – 10 months of age of baby crawling. However, it is essential to remember that, regarding each milestone of your baby, all babies have their own pace and are different from other babies. Thus, comparing the achievement of any baby milestones with other babies is not a great idea. So, even if your baby doesn't crawl till 10 – 11 months age when babies crawl, it is not alarming. However, you must keep encouraging them and watch for any red flags of developmental delay.

Stages of Crawling:

Crawling is more than a one-day process. Instead, baby crawling stages build on each other, and eventually, your baby will master the art of crawling!

Certainly! Here's a table outlining the typical stages of age when babies crawl:

Stages of Crawling



Babies initially develop strength in their arms, shoulders, and core muscles through activities like tummy time. They may push up on their arms while lying on their stomachs.

Commando crawl

Also known as the belly crawl baby crawling age, babies use their arms to pull themselves forward while lying flat on their bellies, dragging their lower bodies behind them.

Standard crawl

Babies lift their bellies off the ground and move forward by alternating movements of their arms and legs. They may initially move in an "army crawl" style before transitioning to a more coordinated crawl.

Bear crawl

Like the standard crawl baby crawling age, babies keep their knees bent and close to the ground, resembling a bear walking on all fours.

Crab crawl

Babies move sideways or backwards by shuffling their hands and feet, resembling the movement of a crab.


Babies use one leg to push themselves forward while the other remains bent beneath them, allowing for a more coordinated and efficient movement.

Pulling to stand

Babies begin to use furniture or other objects to pull themselves up into a standing position, often as a precursor to walking.

These stages of crawling provide a general progression of how infants typically develop their crawling skills, though individual age of baby crawling may vary.

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Types of Crawling:

Each baby is different and may crawl in different types of crawling styles. Not all babies learn to crawl on all fours, and some even never crawl on all fours. From funny-looking to scary, your baby might have any of the following types of crawling:

1. Classic crawl: The Image of crawling that we all have in our minds – that's classic crawl. In a classic crawl, your baby will crawl on all four limbs towards its front.

2. Bottom scoot: This type of crawl looks as cute as it sounds. Your baby will sit on their bottom and push themselves with their hands in the bottom scoot crawl.

3. Rolling: Some babies skip the crawling stage. They roll everywhere and then cruise by holding furniture or anything within reach. Your baby is fine if your baby misses the crawling milestone and goes from rolling to walking directly.

4. Combat crawl: Also known as command crawl, in combat crawl, your baby will be on its belly with its legs stretched out on its back, and it will push itself ahead with its arms and elbows.

5. Crab crawl: Just like a crab, it is known as crab crawl when babies push themselves sideways or reverse. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is perfectly normal for kids to move in any direction when they learn to crawl.

6. Bear crawl: In this crawling, your baby will crawl like a bear, keeping the elbows and knees straight and stiff.

7. Leapfrog crawl: Another cute and funny-looking crawling move; in this crawl, the baby gets in a bridge post with both hands and legs and moves by thrusting forward.

8. Tripod Crawl: Also called the lazy leg crawl, in a tripod crawl, your baby will use only one leg and both hands to crawl while letting the second leg be free and loose.

What to Do If Your Baby Doesn't Start Crawling?

If your baby doesn't start crawling until 8 – 10 months, there is nothing to worry about. Many kids start late, and some even skip the crawling stage altogether. Having said that, if your baby is showing limited mobility while on the floor or does not use hands to pull the head up or legs to push itself towards toys or other objects, it is advised to talk to your paediatrician about this.

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How to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl?

When your baby reaches the crawling age, you wonder when the actual crawling starts! Here are some tried and tested tips to encourage your little one to start crawling –

• Give plenty of tummy time to strengthen muscles and practice using hands and legs.
• During tummy time, engage your baby with elevated hands, encouraging reaching and movement.
• Hold your baby in a crawling position to show how to use limbs to explore.
• Demonstrate crawling yourself to promote and demonstrate the activity.
• Ensure your baby is dressed comfortably with a Mulmul Swaddle and SuperBottoms Freesize UNO Cloth Diapers to prevent crawling discomfort.
• Keep activities enjoyable to maintain interest and avoid pushing too hard.
• Use colourful toys to attract and motivate your baby to move.
• Use a mirror to stimulate movement and provide tummy time in front of it.
• Make them wear SuperBottoms Waterproof Knee Sleeves to save their delicate knees from any bruises or cuts while trying to crawl.
• Allow free exploration on the floor, minimising the use of bouncers or walkers.
• Massages can aid in strengthening bones and muscles, contributing to crawling readiness.
• Celebrate even small achievements to boost motivation and encourage continued efforts.
• Ensure a safe environment to prevent discouraging experiences and prioritise safety.

Benefits Of Crawling For Babies:

• Crawling is the stepping stone to many other motor skills and is thus an essential stage in your baby's life! For example, it teaches your baby balancing skills that help later in walking and running.
• In addition, it teaches them coordination skills on both sides of their bodies.
• Crawling also teaches your baby alertness as they will start and stop looking at what's in their surroundings.
• It teaches them independence and makes them confident about moving around independently. They also learn to touch different surfaces and develop their sense of touch.
• Moreover, there are benefits of crawling for babies. It is a great exercise that develops their muscles and bone strength and keeps them active.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Ensure a safe environment to prevent discouraging experiences and prioritise safety.
2. While it might also mean hiding all your beautiful expansive vases and showpieces away, crawling and moving around is a fun phase for your baby and you.
3. Playing chase can be as relaxing for you as a good night's sleep is! As long as the surroundings are safe and you are there to encourage your little one, that little bum moving around from room to room will be fun!


Q1: When do babies start crawling?

Ans. Babies usually begin to crawl between 6 and 10 months of age, although individual timelines of when babies start crawling can vary. Some babies may start crawling earlier, while others may take a little longer.

Q2: What are the signs that my baby is ready to start crawling?

Ans. Signs that your baby may be ready to start crawling include increased strength in their arms and legs, pushing up on their hands during tummy time, and showing interest in moving around by scooting or rocking on hands and knees.

Q3: What if my baby is not crawling yet?

Ans. It's important to remember that every baby develops at their own pace. If your baby has yet to start crawling by 10 months, discussing any concerns with your paediatrician is a good idea. However, some babies may skip crawling altogether and go straight to pulling up and walking.


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