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10 Fun Games for One Year Old Babies


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The easiest way to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child is playing baby fun games in their earliest age. Many of the best games help them learn about the world around them and what you already do naturally. Parents are the first companions of their little ones and these help them understand the signals and needs early on.

Here are 10 development games you may want to try playing with your baby. You could come up with your own variations or combine games when you sense the baby is ready for an additional challenge. Here you go!

      ▪ Hide & seek or Peek-a-Boo

One of the best & easiest baby games where you could simply hide your face behind your hands and then move your hands away while you ask “Where am I?” or say "Peek-A-Boo!"
Babies are always fascinated by the disappearing and reappearing act & stay astonished till they turn 9 months old. This baby game may even help your child become more comfortable & trust you more in the future when they realize that you'll come back even when you "go away".
They may even try to "find" you by reaching for your hands when you hide. Try playing this development boosting game to make tasks like changing diapers/SuperBottoms UNO and getting dressed more fun for you and your baby.
  1. ▪ Make music Fun Games

Make music using rattles, spoons, glasses, bells, toys, drums, and more. Keep playing along & encourage them to play as well as it increases their coordination & listening skills. Plus, who knows, they might just be the next Mozart in the making. Win-win!

  1. ▪ Dance around Fun Games

Dancing around with your baby helps respond to your baby's needs & strengthens the bond. If they’re in a playful mood, do a gentle, silly jig together to get them laughing. If your baby's tired or upset, they might prefer a slow dance around the room to help them calm down with motion.

  1. ▪ Hello? Hello?

Hand a phone to your child and keep one for yourself while pretending to talk on the phone to each other or have conversations with imaginary people. Use funny voices, and create silly characters on the other line. You may even record your conversations & play them to make it more interesting as this game helps them better understand the social development skills & learn your language/mother tongue.

  1. ▪ Count fingers and toes

Babies love to count their fingers and toes, so show your little one how to touch each digit only once as you count out loud. This will help them understand the concept of numbers and hone their basic number skills. You could also try counting toys & other things that you find around them & could also introduce some colors later once they get a little comfortable with numbers.

  1. ▪ Fetch Objects

Send your child on different "errands" around the house, asking him to get his shoes, bring you the vegetable, or find his book. Not only will they understand directions, it’ll enhance their memory skills & create a sense of accomplishment in them.

  1. ▪ Build with blocks

You could either get a Lego set or some wooden blocks & try to teach your babies a thing or two about building. It will help them immensely in coordination & motor skills. 
  1. ▪ Nursery Rhymes

Babies love to listen to the voices of people they know, and they're also intrigued by repetitive sounds. Give your baby the opportunity to hear both by regularly saying nursery rhymes or other kid-friendly rhyming poems.

  1. ▪ Sock puppets

Grab a few old socks, draw faces on the tops with a fabric marker and have a puppet show with your baby! You can let them slide the socks on their hands to use too & this will refine their motor skills a lot. 

  1. ▪ Pretend animal play

Show baby pictures of a few different animals and then act out their sounds and motions, such as a monkey trying to eat a banana, cat meowing, dog barking, etc.

 Any more games that come to your mind?

Let us know in the comments below

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