Potty Training Seat Colour Changing Stickers (Pack of 6)
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Reusable Toilet Colour Changing Stickers
potty seat sticker
Toilet Training Sticker
Toilet Training seat Sticker
Toilet Training seat Sticker
Reusable Potty Training Colour Changing Sticker Pack of 6

Potty Training Colour Changing Sticker | Reusable Toilet Colour Changing Stickers | Pack of 6

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Reusable Stickers


Colour-Changing Magic


Potty Training Colour Changing Sticker (Pack of 6)
Make potty training magical & fun with colour-changing stickers!

Stick them on a clean potty chair; they change colour upon contact with the baby’s warm pee, revealing cute Bummy pictures!

The magic—Bummy pictures vanish with a cold water rinse.

Kids love the fun "pee magic" revealing Bummy’s rewarding pictures, wanting to sit on the potty to enjoy it repeatedly.

Just peel, stick, and let the magic unfold! Rinse with cold water to reuse.

Tip: If the sticker changes colour upon unpacking (without pee contact), simply refrigerate it for an hour to reset.

potty training seat stickerpotty seat stickerToilet Training StickerToilet Training seat Sticker

Product Specification

Color : Multicolor
Material :
Age Group : infant, toddler

Shipping Weight: 0g

Return Policy
Return Policy
SuperBottoms Potty Training Magic Stickers fall under baby hygiene category and due to the nature of the product, these are non-returnable.

Replacements are accepted for unused products only in case of defects, damages during delivery, missing, or wrong products delivered. Return/replacements requests can be raised through our moms connect team, within 7 days of delivery.

Important Note!
A heads-up about batch-to-batch variations:
SuperBottoms products are functional apparel, lovingly handstitched by our efficient tailors. They might show slight variations from batch-to-batch in prints, colours, snaps, stitch & fabric cuttings – like any other apparel fabric.
It’s still zero compromise on performance & efficiency! Rest assured. The product photographs are for representation purpose, and the actual product print may vary slightly from the image. Our return policy does not cover for these.
How to
Reusable Toilet Colour Changing Stickers

Potty Training Colour Changing Sticker | Reusable Toilet Colour Changing Stickers | Pack of 6

₹ 299 Regular price


How does Potty Training Magic Sticker work?

This sticker is designed to change colour upon contact with warm pee. It reveals a cute "Bummy" picture as a reward for your kid during potty training. Once the potty chair is rinsed with cold water, the picture vanishes and the stickers turn black again.

Can this sticker be used on any potty chair?
Yes, this sticker can be applied to any clean and dry potty chair. It is versatile and designed to adhere to most surfaces.
Why should the Magic Sticker be applied to dry surfaces only?
Applying the Magic Sticker on a dry surface ensures it sticks securely. If it's placed on a wet surface, the adhesive may not work well, leading to potential peeling or slipping. For the best results during potty training, always apply the sticker to the clean and dry surface of the potty chair.
What should I do if the stickers have changed colour without coming in contact with pee?
No worries! Just pop the sticker in the refrigerator for an hour to reset the colour-changing magic. Since these stickers are heat-sensitive, sometimes, it may happen due to environmental factors like hot or humid weather, etc.
Is it normal for the sticker to change colour without pee contact?
Occasionally, yes. But the refrigerator trick will get it back to its original state.
Other FAQs

How long does the picture last once they are revealed?
The picture revealed by the colour-changing magic lasts as long as the area remains warm due to the contact with pee. Once the area cools down or is rinsed with cold water, the picture vanishes.

For how long is this sticker reusable?
Each Potty Training Magic Sticker is reusable for weeks. Once soiled, easily remove and discard.

Is the sticker waterproof?
Yes, the sticker is waterproof and made to withstand contact with liquids like pee during the potty training process.

Is this sticker safe for children?
Yes, it is designed to be completely safe for children. They are made with materials that are non-toxic and safe for use around kids.

What age range is suitable for these stickers?
SuperBottoms Potty Training Magic Sticker is designed for toddlers and young children who are in the potty training stage.

What should be done if the sticker comes in contact with poop?
Simply remove the poop, clean the potty chair, and it's ready for another round of use! 

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