MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear from the Stress Free range of SuperBottoms is a sustainable menstrual hygiene product for women. It is an innovative, comfortable, and hassle-free replacement for wearing extras like sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups during your period.

MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear is composed of 60% Premium Plant-Based (Bamboo) fabric + 35% Cotton + 5% Lycra. It’s stretchy, soft, breathable, and rash-free for your period of utmost comfort.

Yes, it is ideal for heavy flow days. Thoughtfully designed to be the “Most Absorbent” reusable Period Underwear EVER with the assurance of 8-10 hours of dry comfort and absolutely zero leaks.

1. How often should one change Period Underwear?

MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear is highly absorbent and can comfortably be worn for 8-10 hours. However, like any other menstrual hygiene product, it is advisable to keep changing your Period Underwear every 4-6 hours.

2. How to wash Period Underwear?

After use, rinse your Period Underwear under cold running water to remove the menstrual blood. Soak in detergent water for 10-12 minutes and gently wash. Line dry in the sun or a ventilated area. Ready to reuse for several upcoming periods!

3. Can it be used for postpartum bleeding?

Yes, MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear with its heavy absorbency is just the right choice for protection from postpartum bleeding.

4. Can I wear it for outdoor use?

Yes. MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear is suitable to wear and even change when you are outdoors. You can easily carry your used Period Underwear in SuperBottoms Waterproof Travel Bag - it’s odour proof and leakproof. If possible, rinse the used underwear to drain out the blood before storing it.

5. Does MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear need to be paired with additional protection like Sanitary Pads?

No! MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear alone is an entirely stress-free, hassle-free choice for a peaceful & sustainable period.