Disposable sanitary pads and tampons are made using plastic and other synthetic fibres which may not be healthy for your body. Flow Lock Cloth Pads are composed of natural fabrics that are completely safe, healthy and stress-free for your body and the environment.

Flow Lock Cloth Pads last for 7-8 hours. Designed to get 2x more absorption vs ordinary cloth pads, with a super secure leak lock for absolutely ZERO leaks.

Yes, they are totally safe on the skin! Forget skin irritation and infections. Flow Lock Cloth Pads are soft, comfortable, rash-free and naturally antibacterial.

1. How do I clean Flow Lock Cloth Pads?

After use, rinse your Flow Lock Cloth Pad under running water to remove the menstrual blood. Soak in detergent water for 10-12 minutes and gently wash. Line dry in the sun or a ventilated area. Ready to reuse for several upcoming periods!

2. How to use Flow Lock Cloth Pad when I am out?

You can easily carry your used Flow Lock Cloth Pad in SuperBottoms Waterproof Travel Bag - it’s odour proof and leakproof. If possible, rinse out the used Flow Lock Cloth Pad to drain out the blood before storing it.