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First Love Langot Range for Newborns

About the Range

SuperBottoms First Love Langot Range — Incredibly soft and gentle langots for your newborn. The perfect diaper-free essential for your little ones. These are thoughtful and super versatile in their own ways. The range consists of 4 different types of langots:

  1. DryFeel Langot™ (White & Printed) consists of four layers, including the Super DryFeel Layer, which keeps the baby’s bum dry after peeing; the cotton padding, which absorbs up to one pee; and the outer layer, which has a fully waterproof coating to prevent pee leaks and mess. 
  2. Muslin DryFeel Langot™ consists of four layers, including the Super DryFeel Layer, cotton padding, waterproof coating, and the premium muslin layer on the outside for an extra-soft feel! 
  3. BASIC™ Langot - made with double-layered 100% cotton cloth. It’s free from harmful sponge filling, super soft, and breathable. 
  4. BASIC™ Muslin Langot—made with pure muslin, triple-layered cloth, it’s free from harmful sponge filling and provides the best comfort and safety for your baby.

These langots are adjustable with double loops and tie-ons for two sizes in one. 

Designed with gentle seams and no scratchy tags inside, it keeps your baby's skin irritation-free.

Super cute unisex prints made using Azo-free safe dyes, ensuring complete safety on your baby's delicate skin!

How To Wash

  • - Knock off poop (if any) from the langot
  • - Rinse off pee from the nappy/langot under running water 
  • - Toss it into your regular laundry pile and hand wash/machine wash with other clothes
  • - Dry under the sun and store in a clean & dry place

Ideal Usage 

Dryfeel Langot™ and Muslin DryFeel Langot™ are perfect for newborn babies from day 0 to 9 months. They’re available in two different sizes for kids up to 5 kg and up to 10 kg. They are ideal for use during mess-free, diaper-free time. 

BASIC™ Langot and BASIC™ Muslin Langot are ideal for newborn babies from day 0 to 6 months. Available for babies up to 5 kg. They are super breathable for your little ones’ comfy diaper-free time. 

Why SuperBottoms?

With the trust of SuperBottoms, the First Love Langots are your must-have, breathable, diaper-free essentials for your newborn baby. Made from superior quality fabrics, these langots are made with 0% Toxins and 100% Love! They are super soft for your baby's comfort and have no scratchy tags. The double loop gives you an adjustable snug fit within the same size. It’s indeed the best range of langots for your precious little ones! 

Comparison Between Different Langots

DryFeel Langot™ Muslin DryFeel Langot™ BASIC™ Langot BASIC™ Muslin Langot
12 print options + white variant 3 print options 6 print options 3 print options
Fits babies up to 10 KG Fits babies up to 10 KG Fits babies up to 5 KG Fits babies up to 5 KG
4 layers, including cotton padding 4 layers, including cotton padding Non-padded, 2 layers of cotton fabric only Non-padded, 3 layers of muslin fabric only
Absorbs up to 1 pee Absorbs up to 1 pee No absorbency No absorbency
Topmost Super DryFeel Layer Topmost Super DryFeel Layer 100% cotton cloth 100% muslin cloth
Waterproof & mess-free outer Waterproof & mess-free outer Non-waterproof Non-waterproof
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What is First Love DryFeel Langot?

The First Love DryFeel Langot is the comfiest and gentlest diaper-free essential for babies. With gentle elastics, absorbent padding, and a waterproof layer, it ensures a mess-free experience by keeping babies dry even after they pee.

What is First Love Muslin DryFeel Langot?

First Love Muslin DryFeel Langot is the gentlest diaper-free essential for babies. With soft elastics, absorbent padding, a waterproof layer, and an added touch of premium Muslin fabric, it promises a mess-free, breathable experience for your little one. The Muslin layer adds an extra level of softness.

What makes the DryFeel Langot™ and Muslin DryFeel Langot™ different from a regular nappy?

The First Love DryFeel Langots™ are specially designed for newborns, featuring a unique four-layer design that absorbs up to 1 pee. They include a Super DryFeel Layer, dual layers of 100% cotton padding, and a 100% waterproof shield. This combination ensures maximum comfort, dryness, and mess-free protection for your baby during diaper-free time. 

How does the waterproof shield help?

The 100% waterproof shield is the outer layer of the langot, designed to prevent any leakage after the baby pees. This means your baby stays comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about messy clean-ups.

How does the Super DryFeel Layer work?

The Super DryFeel Layer is the innermost layer of the langot. It's designed to keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable by effectively wicking moisture away from the skin, even after they pee.

Other FAQs

Can the First Love DryFeel Langot™ be used for nap times or nighttime?

While the First Love DryFeel Langot is fully waterproof and padded, it's not ideally suited for naps or nighttime use. This is because it could reach its full absorbency capacity if the baby pees multiple times while sleeping, causing inconvenience. 

For a comfortable and leak-proof sleep experience, we suggest trying our UNO Cloth Diaper. It's designed to last through multiple pees for up to 12 hours and features a 100% waterproof, dry-feel layer that guarantees no leaks or mess.

What is BASIC™ Langot made of?

BASIC™ Langot is made of premium-quality 100% pure cotton, which is the softest and gentlest on newborn babies' delicate skin.

How is BASIC™ Muslin Langot different from BASIC™ Cotton Langot?  

BASIC™ Muslin Langot is made of 3 layers of premium-quality muslin fabric. Whereas, BASIC™ Cotton. Both are incredibly soft and gentle on the newborn's delicate skin. 

What sets BASIC™ Langot apart from regular ones?

BASIC™ Langots stand out due to its distinctive features:

  • - Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality fabric for the greatest comfort for newborn babies.
  • - No Skin Irritation: Unlike regular langots made from poly fabric, BASIC™ Langots are designed to be extra soft, gentle, and breathable, providing the best comfort for your baby's delicate skin.

What is the recommended age range for BASIC™ Langots?

BASIC™ Cotton & Muslin Langots are ideal for newborns weighing up to 5 kg or aged between 0 and 6 months. They feature double loops on the front for size adjustment, ensuring a perfect, snug fit.

How to wear BASIC™ Muslin & Cotton Langot?

Before use, wash and dry them properly. Open the langot and place the baby's bum over the open langot. Insert both strings into any of the two suitable loops for the right snug fit and tie properly. 


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