Learning about big feelings and emotions is a central part of growing up – we all have them.
It may not always be apparent that children are resolving any feelings or emotions when they have their early fights & arguments. But they are learning about conflict resolution, which is one of the most important social skills from childhood to adulthood.

Our little empathy dolls are just a small step in helping children realise how they are feeling and address it. It helps you role-play with them on what triggers their emotion and how they feel about it.

It’s a great tool to simplify these feelings with a little help, to engage them in conversation and assist in getting started in understanding the big feelings of our little people.

How am I feeling? Am I happy? Sad? Upset? How can a situation be resolved, and how do you get kids to think about the way the other person might be feeling?

The empathy dolls work by rotating the outside roll with the characters around an inner paper tube which has expressions made on them. The face changes when it rotates to reflect different emotions.

Assembly Instructions :

  • 1. Cut away both squares from the box and colour them.
  • 2. Roll the sheet with the face expressions into a tube shape and paste the edges where its marked.
  • 3. Bend the bottom tabs into a right-angle and paste it to a circular disc cut out from any cardboard.
  • 4. Now take the sheet which has the dolls drawn on it, Cut away the faces where its marked with dotted lines.
  • 5. Roll and paste this sheet too in the pasting tab provided. Ensure its rolled a little bigger than the previous tube so that you can just insert this over it. You are done!
  • 6. Just keep twisting the circular base while you hold the tube, the inner tube will keep rolling to change the expressions!
  • So how are you today, little one? Happy? Sad? Excited?