Test-UNO Cloth Diapering for Newborn Baby by SuperBottoms
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Test-UNO Cloth Diapering for Newborn Baby

Reusable & Washable up to 300+ times


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UNO Diapers

Bring home the softest, gentlest diaper for your little baby’s delicate bums.
It gives you the goodness of cotton and the convenience of disposables. Best of both worlds indeed!

Key Features

  • - UNO is made of cloth with 100% organic cotton inserts
  • - Waterproof outer to ensure there are no leaks or mess
  • - SnapEasy* system for custom fit (*Patent pending)
  • - SuperDryFeel™ layer that touches baby’s bums to keep them dry
  • - All-night absorbency when used with Booster Pad
  • - No Lead. No Phthalates. No Harmful Chemicals.

How To Wash
Step 1: Rinse the UNO under running water to remove the pee/poop.
Step 2: Add them to your regular laundry and wash. Use the detergent as per the instructions for your wash load.
Since UNO is made of cloth, it is reusable and washable 300+ times. So, only 16 diapers are needed for 3 years, bringing down your diapering cost to just ₹ 2.5 per diaper use!

What makes our organic cotton diapers better than other ones in the market?
  • - Voted India’s No.1 Cloth Diaper
  • - India's 1st CPSIA tested & certified Cloth Diaper
  • - SnapEasy* system for custom fit (*Patent pending)
  • - No. 1 Cloth Diaper seller on Amazon with 7500+ reviews


What is a Newborn UNO diaper?

SuperBottoms Newborn UNO is a cloth diaper which is made of all cloth & no harmful chemicals. It is soft, gentle, breathable, waterproof, keeps the baby's skin dry all night. It provides the convenience of a disposable diaper in the goodness of cloth.
It consists of 2 parts
- a Multi-size Waterproof Outer
- a Dry Feel Pad that does the job of soaking the pee with a SuperDryFeel™ layer on top to keep the baby’s bum dry.

What are the contents of a Newborn UNO diaper?

Our Newborn UNO comes with 2 main contents: 1 Multi-size Waterproof Outer and 1 Dry Feel Pad (Newborn size)

What age group of babies does the Newborn UNO fit?

Newborn UNO can be worn by any baby who is just born and is 1 day old till he/she turns 6 months old and weighs somewhere around 2.5 kgs - 7 kgs.

Other FAQs

How is it different from the Dry Feel Langot?
SuperBottoms Newborn UNO has the following key features which makes it different from a langot - 
- SuperDryFeel™ layer touching baby's skin which doesn't let the baby feel wetness even after peeing
- Absorbs upto 5* hours
- Waterproof
- A Dry feel Langot however, is an option for diaper free time and absorbs one pee


Is “Use & Return” trial policy applicable on Newborn UNO? 
We’d love you to try our Newborn UNO as part of our “Use & Return” trial policy for 15 days & fall head over heels with it. If by chance, your baby doesn’t love the Newborn UNO, you can return it within 15 days from the date of delivery of the product and get your full money back! Refer to the "Use & Return" Trial policy. 


How can the same UNO work on a newborn on day 1 and a 6 month old?

Our UNO diaper is an adjustable diaper. The Multi-size Waterproof Outer has velcro to adjust from waist. It has sizing snaps to customise the UNO as per the baby and it can be adjusted with snaps from small (For 2.5 - 3.5 kg), medium (3.5 - 4.5 kg), large (4.5 - 5.5 kg) to extra large (5.5 - 7 kg).


What material is the Newborn UNO made of?

The Multi-size Waterproof Outer is made of TPU fabric material which makes it completely waterproof.

The Dry Feel Pad is made of fabric- GOTS ™ certified organic cotton with a SuperDryFeel™ layer made of micro fleece fabric. 


How is a Newborn UNO different from a disposable diaper?

- SuperBottoms UNO is free of harmful chemicals such as Phthalates, Lead unlike some disposable diapers

- UNO is adjustable, washable and reusable upto 300+ times whereas disposable diapers go in the landfills right after one use

- UNO is economical in the long run and saves you a lot of money because it is washable and reusable.


How do I use Newborn UNO diaper on my baby?

Waterproof Outer can be resized according to baby's weight and the pads can be snapped on it. It can be easily put on your baby by securing velcro present at waist. Waist should have around 3 fingers gap and it should neither be too tight, nor too loose at thighs. Please check how to wear video here.


My baby is a heavy wetter, how do you suggest to use Newborn UNO?

Our Newborn UNO works great even for heavy wetters. We recommend changing sooner if the diaper gets full or trying a Very Heavy Wetter booster pad inside the pocket of Newborn UNO.


Can Newborn UNO be used as a swim diaper?

Yes, UNO can be used as a swim diaper. You may make your little one float in water with these beauties by removing the Dry Feel Pad from the Waterproof Outer and you are good to splash. 

How to wash Newborn UNO? How do I take care of the velcro?

Fold and secure the velcro snap at each side.
Step 1: Knock off poop if any

Hand wash:
STEP1: Rinse off pee/poop if any, using a little detergent
STEP2: Soak diaper for 30 minutes in detergent water
STEP3: Wash well by rubbing properly, do not use brush
STEP4: Rinse thoroughly till no detergent remains
STEP5: Line dry under sun

Machine wash:
STEP1: Put the dirty diaper in machine with little detergent and run a short cycle to get it clean.
STEP2: If you want to, you can now add your other clothes to the machine and run your longer regular wash cycle. Add regular amount of detergent with your other laundry.
STEP3: Dry in machine
Add water softener if you have hard water. 
DO NOT use Dettol/fabric softeners/detergent with fragrances/conditioners
DO NOT wring hard

Diapers made of cloth can be hand washed or machine washed as per your convenience. 

Please refer how to wash video here.


Why is there a pocket in Newborn UNO?

We recommend attaching the Dry Feel Pad on the Waterproof Outer. Pocket is designed for stuffing extra pads if required and inserting your major pads in it on day to day basis is unnecessary extra bit work for you.


Can I buy the Waterproof Outer for Newborn UNO separately?

No, we sell the Waterproof Outer and Dry Feel Pad (Newborn size) as a pack for you to be able to get hang of it and not get confused which in turn provides you a better experience. 


What if I want to use the diaper beyond 6 months?

We have designed SuperBottoms Freesize UNO to meet the requirements of older babies. It will fit your little one upto 3 years. You may move to our Free size UNO diapers post 6 months, once your baby outgrows SuperBottoms Newborn Diapers. You can buy them here


What is the return policy on UNO diapers?

You may return a Newborn UNO within the first 15 days of purchase only. You can go through the terms and conditions of the policy here.
Please note : Only an order placed on www.superbottoms.com will be eligible to avail this policy.



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