Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy: Benefit & Risk


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Food aversions and cravings are common pregnancy symptoms that most expectant mothers experience. However, while pregnant, you must be careful about your food choices. What you eat is what nourishes your baby. Hence, eating a balanced diet is essential for the health of you and your little one.

You will love to sip some fresh fruit juices if you have a sweet tooth. However, while most fresh fruit juices can be consumed, not many are sure if it is safe to drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy. Thus, we have compiled this SuperBottoms article to provide you with all the benefits, facts, and risks of having sugarcane juice during pregnancy

Nutritional Facts of Sugarcane Juice 

Sugarcane juice is extracted from sugarcane, which is a tall perennial grass (1). Sugarcane typically grows in warm climates and is native to Southeast Asia. The plant is usually processed to make sugar. However, one of the best ways to consume sugarcane is in the form of fresh sugarcane juice. This is because sugarcane contains essential nutrients such as  Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and Vitamin C. Moreover, it is also a rich source of fibre, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, making sugarcane a nutritious drink. Thus, sugarcane juice during pregnancy is safe and healthy to consume. 

Is it Safe to Drink Sugarcane Juice during Pregnancy? 

Sugarcane juice is packed with essential nutrients and is safe to consume during pregnancy. However, if you have gestational diabetes, you must consult your doctor before drinking sugarcane juice. Also, if you have packaged sugarcane juice, always run a quality check on the label regarding the ingredients, nutritional content, and shelf life.

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy 

To ensure healthy trimesters of pregnancy, you must be careful while choosing the food you eat. Sugarcane juice, to be specific, is a powerhouse of essential nutrients that offer the following health benefits during preganancy -  

  • ▪ Relieves constipation -

One of the common health issues faced by pregnant women is constipation. However, drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy can help provide relief from constipation. So including this juice in your daily diet can save you from various stomach infections.

  • ▪ Helps fight infections -

Your diet during pregnancy must include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. And sugarcane juice during pregnancy provides the proper nutrients and contains antioxidants which help fight bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

    Helps to get rid of cold and cough -

    Consuming cough syrup during pregnancy is always a concern for pregnant women. However, you can avoid taking over-the-counter medication by simply drinking sugarcane juice. It acts as a natural remedy for keeping cold and cough at bay.

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       ▪ Helps to balance bilirubin levels -

    The right amount of bilirubin levels is essential for the proper functioning of your liver. And consuming sugarcane juice daily can keep those levels in check.

       ▪ Helps to boost immunity - 

    The changes in your body and hormones during pregnancy can take a toll on you and make you feel sick and tired. However, drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy can help to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy.

    • ▪ Helps control weight - 

    Gaining excess weight is a significant concern for pregnant women. However, sugarcane contains polyphones which help in speeding the metabolism and, thus, help to keep your weight in check.

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    So How is Sugarcane Juice Prepared? 

    You can prepare fresh sugarcane juice is not difficult. You can add this healthy and delectable juice to your daily diet by following the recipe below - 


    • ▪ Sugarcane stalks
    • ▪ Lemon juice
    • ▪ Mint leaves
    • ▪ Black salt
    • ▪ Ginger

    Method of preparation

    • ▪ Use a juicing machine to squeeze the stalks of sugarcane.
    • ▪ Now strain the juice into a glass.
    • ▪ Add lemon juice, mint leaves, a pinch of black salt, or ginger to enhance its taste.

    Precautions While Drinking Sugarcane in Pregnancy

    Sugarcane juice is safe and healthy to consume during pregnancy. But it is recommended that you take note of the following precautions while drinking sugarcane juice - 

    • ▪ Maintaining hygiene during pregnancy is of utmost importance. So make sure that if you have packaged juice, you buy it from a hygienic place.  
    • ▪ Refrain from drinking sugarcane juice from street vendors to avoid stomach infections.
    • ▪ Drink sugarcane juice in moderate quantities as it has high sugar content and may cause various health complications if consumed more.
    • ▪ Do not drink sugarcane juice if you have gestational diabetes.
    • ▪ Consult your doctor before you consume sugarcane juice as a part of your daily diet.

    Key Takeaways

    Sugarcane juice for pregnancy has immense health benefits. It is packed with essential nutrients which are needed for a healthy pregnancy. However, drinking in excess can lead to complications. Hence, you should drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy but in moderate quantities.


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