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The day you see those two lines on the home pregnancy test and realise that you will soon be a parent, aah, the happiness and excitement you feel in that moment! Of course, the first thing you want to do is run and tell everyone you know and share your joy with them. 

There is no hard and fast rule about how to announce pregnancy, but why not make the process fun? So, let us make this fun with some fun and creative pregnancy announcement ideas. This SuperBottoms article will help you with some incredibly fun pregnancy reveal ideas that can make the announcement memorable for everyone!

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When and How To Announce Your Pregnancy

When to announce your pregnancy entirely depends on you and your partner. Your partner, of course, will be the first person to know. Some people share their good news with family and close friends right away. While in some cases, if you have had an IVF pregnancy, or yours is a high-risk pregnancy, or you have had a miscarriage in the past, your doctor would recommend that you wait till the end of the first trimester or 13 weeks to be sure and start telling others about your pregnancy (1). How to announce your pregnancy will depend on the following –

1. Whether you are revealing to your partner alone.
2. Which trimester of your pregnancy are you planning to do the reveal?
3. Is it a small group you wish to reveal to or a large group?
4. Do you want a small intimate event or a huge celebration?
5. Do you want to plan it yourself or want to involve an event planner?

Pregnancy Announcement ideas for your partner

Your partner should ideally be the first to know about the big news. So here are some ways you can announce your pregnancy to your partner.

1. Daddy-To-Be T-shirt – Get a customised t-shirt in his size that says Daddy to be and hide it in his closet for him to find when he goes there looking for clothes. Enjoy the look of surprise on their face when they figure out what is about to come!

2. With A Cake Topper – Order or bake a cake and decorate it with a cake topper with one extra figurine of a little baby. Then, casually bring the cake to the dinner table and let him figure out the rest.

3. Catch It On Camera – Plan an impromptu photoshoot and ask your partner to be a part of the shoot. Keep a poster that says "I am pregnant" ready and hidden somewhere. Take it out in the middle of the shoot and let his reaction be captured on the camera.

4. Treasure Hunt – If you are into such fun activities, plan a series of hints and riddles that lead to the big reveal and make a game. It would be exciting and fun for him to finally reach the last clue and realise that he will soon be a parent.

5. Say It With A Book – Many parenting books can help you through pregnancy. Get one of those books for your pregnancy announcement and gift it to your partner. See if they can guess why you are giving them such a book.

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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

1. Grandparents Promotion Letter – This idea would work if your parents are going to be grandparents for the first time. Print out a letter that says, "Being Promoted From Parents To Grand Parents" and present it to them!

2. Ultrasound Scan Print Photo Frame – If you have already had your first ultrasound, get a print of the scan and put it in a photo frame. Write a lovely and emotional caption on the frame and present it to your parents.

3. Say It With Handwritten Letter – When it comes to family and close people, a handwritten letter where you pour your emotions and love is the best way to convey something. So, write a handwritten note telling them about your big news and how much you are looking forward to their support.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces – Go creative with whether you want a picture, a text poster or your ultrasound report to be converted into pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If your parents love board games, they will enjoy this and love the surprise in the end.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Older Children and Siblings

If you already have a child or children, making them a part of the pregnancy and the pregnancy announcement will not just make them feel good, and the pregnancy announcement look cute, but it will also make them feel responsible as an older sibling. Then, when the new baby arrives, they can be your little helper for small tasks related to the baby.

1. The Eviction Notice - This is the funniest way of telling people to use your old child! Put a printout of the eviction notice on their crib and ask them to pose with a sad or crying face.

2. The Promotion Letter – Similar to the idea above, but in a happier tone! Make your child/children hold a promotion letter mentioning "Being Promoted To Older Sibling Role"!

3. Only Child Status Expiring Soon – This works well only if you are a parent to a single child. An expiration letter mentioning that the official status of your child's "Only Child" is expiring soon. If you have multiple kids, you can do a variation of this with your youngest kid with a letter mentioning that their status as "Youngest In The Family" is expiring soon.

4. To-Do List – This is one of those super cute pregnancy announcement ideas. On a chalkboard, make a to-do list for your child with all the tasks they need to complete. Then, put a tick against the rest all and mention "Become An Older Sibling" to drop a hint to ones receiving this as an image or physically present there.

5. New Team Member – Dress the whole family up in jerseys or uniforms of your favorite sports team. Keep an extra onesie in the same print or logo of the team and add a caption. "New Team member Adding Soon.

Creative and Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. The Shoe Sole – Take a picture of shoe soles or all family members in one frame, adding one extra pair of booties to it.

2. Adding Another Plate – A picture of the dinner table with plates for all existing family members plus one extra baby plate in the frame.

3. Name Tags – Take a picture of all family members wearing name tags and an extra name tag on the belly of the mommy-to-be with a question mark on it.

4. On Sale Items – Click a picture of your liquor, party clothes or things that you enjoy as a couple alone with a funny caption that says, "On sale, or available in exchange of a crib.

5. Open The Box For surprise – Put together the box of baby items or things from your childhood and print out of ultrasound. Then, let the guests open the box and guess the surprise.

6. Movie Poster – Get someone creative to create a movie poster with all elements of pregnancy and a new baby and mention your due date as the release date.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Parents to be holding accessories – A romantic and cute picture of the parents holding things like booties, the pregnancy test kit that came positive or small baby caps can be the image for your announcement.

2. Flat lay of baby products – Get all baby apparel, teethers and rattles, personal care products, and cloth diapers and click a cute flat lay image.

3. Chocolates – Get alphabet chocolates and spell the announcement out with chocolates for your guests or in a digital image.

4. Calendar – Get a calendar month print of your due date and circle the date. Add a caption to the calendar for the announcement.

5. Message On The Sand – Beach pictures are always cute. Write your announcement on the sand with a stick or shells and click an image of that!

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. A New Player – Click the picture of your family's favourite board game with a caption saying that a new player will soon add to the game nights.

2. Officially Outnumbered – This idea works if this is your third child on its way. Click a family picture and add a funny caption that says that there are already two adults and two kids in the family and the adults are now going to be outnumbered.

3. Worried Daddy-To-Be – Click a picture of the daddy-to-be looking worried while holding the ultrasound report or the positive pregnancy test kit while mommy laughs in the background.

4. Funny Onesies – There are a lot of funny message onesies that talk about the sleepless nights or expenses that new parents go through. Get those, click a picture and put a humorous spin on it with a nice caption.

5. A Pun About The Sperms – This idea could work if the announcement is for a younger audience, such as parents' friends. A note saying, "Yayy, my boys can swim." held by the father with a happy and excited look on his face.

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If your pregnancy news has come around a festival or holiday, you can use the occasion to make the pregnancy announcement more festive.

1. The Holiday Wishlist – Make a holiday wish list and add a baby to the list. Click a picture of the Wishlist with a caption saying, "Our wish has been granted."

2. An Extra Stocking – If you are announcing your pregnancy around Christmas, in the picture, hang one stocking each for all family members and one extra mini stocking.

3. The Real Baby – This idea can work if you have an older child. Get a picture of them holding a note saying, "I asked for a doll baby for a holiday gift, and they are giving me a real baby!

4. Fun With Flat lay – For festivals such as Holi, Diwali etc., put the festive elements as a flat lay and add a letter board or print of the ultrasound for the pregnancy announcement.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Pets

If you are a pet parent, your pet is also like a child to you, and you might want to involve your pet in the pregnancy announcement. Here are some fun ways to involve your pets in your pregnancy announcement.

1. The Shoes and The Accessories Picture – Get a picture clicked of your and your partner's shoes alongside your pet's collar or any accessory and a set of little booties signifying that a new member is arriving soon.

2. The Worried New Babysitter – Get a letterboard and spell the pregnancy announcement out. Keep it alongside your pet and click a picture of them looking worried with a caption that says, "Worried New Babysitter". 

3. Certificate Of Care – Print out a certificate saying, "I promise to take care of the new member in this family," and hang it on the neck of the pet. You can execute this pregnancy announcement idea physically or click its picture to send it over a digital medium.

Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Older Sibling Holding Or Next To Letter Board – Pick a caption from the caption ideas in this article or think of one that suits the message you want to give out and create a letter board that your older kid can hold for the picture.

2. Pets Sitting Next To Letter Board – Similar to the above idea, involve your family pet in the letterboard photo shoot.

3. Family Portrait With A Letter Board Alongside – OR why not involve the whole family in the announcement and add a letter board for the message?

4. Flat lay Letter Board – You can avoid any humans or pets altogether, create a flat lay with elements such as teethers, baby apparel, etc. and create your pregnancy announcement.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You can go ahead with any of the other ideas for a pregnancy announcement and add a little twist to it to reveal that you are expecting twins.

1. Eating For Three – Click an image of the mommy-to-be eating her food and add the caption "Eating For Three." Let everyone figure the surprise out.

2. Two Are Due – Click a picture of the bump with the caption, like Two Are Due, Arriving Soon!

3. Baby No. 2 and 3 – This idea works when you already have an older child. Make a postcard with a letter board or a poster in the hand of the baby announcing that they are going to be an older sibling and Baby no. 2 is on its way. Then, on the backside, put a funny picture of the child with a poster saying, And Baby No. 3 Too!

4. The Two Onesies Picture – There are a lot of funny twins' onesies available in the market. Click a picture of those as a part of your pregnancy announcement.

Pregnancy Announcement Captions

You can go creative and write your own caption to announce your pregnancy, or here are a few to help you start with –

1. Our parents are getting us a new human soon – This can be used with ideas where kids or pets are involved.

2. Our little bun is being baked. Available for hugs on cuddles on ADD DUE DATE.

3. We will soon need a bigger car – This can be used with a picture of the family next to their family car.

4. Next time, we will need to buy an extra ticket – This can be clubbed with the holiday pregnancy announcement ideas.

5. Our family is expanding by two feet soon.

How you announce and reveal your pregnancy will depend on your style and connect with the people involved. This is one of the most unique opportunities to make this day memorable and fun for all your near and dear ones and even for you. So, make it fun, keep it as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. And have a happy pregnancy!

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