Guava During Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Risks


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Finding out that you are pregnant is joyous and an important event in your life. As you enter the various trimesters of pregnancy, you will notice your lifestyle and body undergoing several changes. One significant lifestyle change during pregnancy is the shift to a healthier and more conscious diet. After all, the food you eat offers nourishment to your baby too. Hence, most expectant mothers start making healthier food choices by increasing their intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. However, not every fit food item is safe for consumption, especially when pregnant. So highlighting this aspect in our article, we will tell you whether consuming the nutritious fruit - guava during pregnancy is safe. So continue reading further to know whether you can eat this fruit during pregnancy!

Is Eating Guava During Pregnancy Safe? 

Guava is a delectable fruit which is a rich source of fibre, vitamin C, and folate. While it is entirely safe to eat guava during pregnancy, it is believed that eating guavas increases the chances of appendicitis in pregnant women. Although there is no medical proof of the same, it is always better to clarify your doubts before you consume guava in pregnancy.  So in the next section, we have explained this sweet and delicious fruit's nutritional value and potential benefits!

Nutritional Value of Guava 

Guavas are nutritious, and experts consider eating guavas in pregnancy very beneficial. Here is the complete nutritional information about guavas for your ready reference -

  • ▪ Rich in essential vitamins

Guavas are a rich source of vitamins such as Vitamin C, A, B2, and E and are believed to contain more quantities of Vitamin A and C than oranges and lemons.

  • ▪ Source of folic acid

Ascorbic and folic acid is crucial for the proper growth and development of the foetus. And these two acids are found in abundance in guavas. Moreover, the folic acid in guavas benefits the circulatory system and helps develop the newborn babies' nervous system.

Potential Benefits of Eating Guava in Pregnancy 

Eating guavas during pregnancy can benefit your and your baby's overall health. Guavas are an excellent remedy for morning sickness, one of the classic pregnancy symptoms. Guavas have high fibre and water content, which helps maintain blood pressure and prevent gestational diabetes. Apart from these, the following are some significant benefits of eating guava in pregnancy(1)

  • ▪ Controls Blood Pressure Level -

One of the many benefits of eating this tropical fruit is that it controls blood pressure and prevents clotting, thereby maintaining the fluidity of the blood. As a result, eating guavas can help avoid chances of premature birth or miscarriage.

  • ▪ Controls Cholesterol Levels-

Guavas are a rich fibre source that helps control blood cholesterol levels. High cholesterol cuases cardiovascular complications, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.

  • ▪ Lowers the Risk of Anaemia - 

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia during pregnancy due to the inefficiency of the blood to carry enough oxygen to the tissues throughout the body. Anaemia can affect the health of both the mother and baby, but chances of the same are lowered by consuming  Vitamin C-rich foods like guavas that help absorb iron.

  • ▪ Relaxes Muscles and Nerves - 

 The magnesium content in guava can help relax the muscles and nerves during pregnancy.

  • ▪ Helps to Prevent Infections - 

Guavas are known for their antioxidant properties and are rich in Vitamins A, C, and E. Moreover, they also contain polyphenols and carotenoids, which, together with the vitamins, help to fight and prevent bacterial infections and lower the risk of illness.

  • ▪ Helps to Prevent Gestational Diabetes -

Guavas help to lower blood sugar levels and also help regulate the same, which eventually can prevent gestational diabetes.

  • ▪ Helps to Regulate Digestion -  

Guavas can keep digestion problems at bay and ensure the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Moreover, the potassium in these fruits helps to tackle acidity and heartburn, making consuming guavas during pregnancy the best option.

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Potential Side Effects of Eating Guavas During Pregnancy 

Although there are many benefits of eating guavas in pregnancy, there are specific side effects too! The benefits outweigh the side effects, but it is always good to stay cautious. So here are the side effects of eating guavas during pregnancy.

  • ▪ Guavas are rich in fiber which keeps the digestion problems at bay, but if consumed in large amounts, it leads to diarrhoea.
  • ▪ Guavas, like most fruits, store chemicals that can cause bacterial infections and negatively impact health during pregnancy. Hence, it is important to wash guavas well before consuming them.

Drinking Guava Juice VS Eating Raw Fruit During Pregnancy 

Most fruits consumed in their raw and natural form offer several health benefits. And guavas is one of the fruits with many benefits, which can be consumed in several other ways. For instance, it can be consumed as jellies, jams, juice, or a fruit salad. However, it is best to avoid consuming preserved forms like jelly and jam during pregnancy.

Key Takeaway 

Guava is a beneficial fruit to consume during pregnancy, only if consumed in limited quantities and after washing thoroughly. We hope that our article has solved your concerns about the safety of consuming guavas during pregnancy. So remember to include this magical fruit in your daily diet!


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