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Your pregnancy journey is about to culminate in motherhood in a few more weeks. Being 33 weeks pregnant and only 7 more weeks to go in an average 40 weeks pregnancy, you have already started dreaming about life with your little one. You have already made it through half of your third trimester of pregnancy.

Still, pregnancy at week 33 may seem the toughest, as your body has changed drastically to accommodate the tiny miracle inside you. If you wonder what 33 weeks a pregnant baby weighs in kg, the symptoms you are likely to experience at this stage, the potential body changes, and so on, you will find all your answers here. We have compiled this exclusive article as a detailed 33 weeks pregnancy guide comprising all you need to know.

33 weeks pregnant in months

If you have been wondering 33 weeks of pregnancy is how many months, then you are in the 8th month of your pregnancy, with only 1 more left to go. Continue reading further to get answers for your common concerns, early signs of labour and more!

33 Weeks Pregnancy: Symptoms

Pregnancy at week 33 may seem harsh with several changes that have taken place in your body. You are likely to experience the following common symptoms at week 33 of your pregnancy:

1. Back pain: As your baby grows, the uterus is getting enlarged, which leads to enormous pressure on your static nerve, which is also the largest nerve found in your body. Pressure on the static nerve can lead to back pain called sciatica. It is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms in the later stages.

2. Swollen ankles and feet: Due to your expanding uterus, immense pressure on the veins runs through your legs and feet, leading to swollen ankles.

3. Strong baby movement: During week 33 of pregnancy, you are likely to experience strong movements of your baby, wiggling, rolling, kicking and fluttering.

4. Round ligament pain: You may suffer from ligament pain if you experience a slight ache in your belly when you change positions or get up suddenly. As long as this pain is occasional and you do not get any fever or chills, it is normal and nothing to worry about.

5. Braxton hicks contractions: Your body is now preparing for the labour day, and you will likely experience false contractions, also known as Braxton hicks contractions.

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6. Other common symptoms
7. Difficulty in sleeping
8. Heartburn.
9. Shortness of breath.
10. Bloody or brownish vaginal discharge.
11. Nipples leaking colostrum

33 Weeks Pregnancy: Baby Development

If you are wondering about 33 weeks pregnant baby's weight in kg and all other major developmental milestones your baby touches during this week, this section will answer all of these questions for you:

1. Weight and height: 33 week pregnant baby's weight in kg is around 2 kgs, and their height is about 16-17 inches.
2. Immune system: Your baby's immune system is developing, and antibodies are being passed from you to your little one to help them fight all the germs outside the womb.
3. Skull flexibility: At 33 weeks of pregnancy, your baby's skull is not fused to allow the flexibility to pass through the birth canal during labour and delivery.
4. Skin smoothing: Your baby's skin is slowly developing as they are likely to wrinkle, red and transparent skin, with a relatively smooth and soft layer of skin.

33 Weeks Pregnancy: Belly and Body Changes

With just a few more weeks before D-day, your body is preparing for the finale. You are most likely to experience the following changes in your body and belly from this week onwards:

1. Insomnia: Due to hormonal changes, leg cramps, frequent urination, heartburn, etc., your sleep is elusive. Insomnia is common in most expectant mothers from the onset of the third trimester. Try to read a book or listen to music until drowsiness kicks in.

2. Wrist pain: You will likely experience aches and numbness in your fingers, wrists, and hands. It is because, like many other tissues in your body, those in your wrist can retain fluid, thereby increasing pressure in the bony canal.

3. Abdominal cramp: At 33 weeks pregnant, cramping can be a sign of labour before the actual due date. However, at times, this cramping is accompanied by diarrhoea. Thus, if you notice either of these symptoms, inform your doctor immediately.

33 Weeks Pregnancy: Quick Checklist

While you are almost nearing the end of your pregnancy journey, there might be a couple of things that you would want to get off your to-do list before your little one arrives. Moreover, there are certain things you must take note of to prepare for the delivery and after-birth care. Hence we have prepared a quick yet detailed checklist for you below -

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1. Learn about labour and birthing positions-

With your due date nearing, you must learn about the labour and various birthing positions that could make your delivery process more comfortable. Try to find out more about the options that may be available to you, such as birthing chairs, stools, and balls, and talk to your doctor to find out what your hospital or birthing centre can offer you.

2. Prepare your hospital bag-

Preparing your hospital bag as you enter the 33rd week of pregnancy is always better. Here is a quick list of requirements to be kept in your hospital bag-

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◾ Maternity clothes
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◾ Oils and lotions for your body
Baby wipes
◾ Mittens
◾ Soft blanket for your newborn
◾ Kick counts

Select a time of the day when your baby is the most active, and sit down or lie on your side to feel 10 distinct movements of your baby. Note the timing of each move, and if you do not think of at least 10 movements within 2 hours, then call your doctor.

3. Prepare your baby's nursery room

It is the right time to decorate and organise your baby's nursery. You can opt for multi-purpose organiser for all your baby care essentials.

Key Takeaways

We hope you found this article helpful, as we have tried offering a detailed 33 weeks pregnancy guide. During these last few weeks of pregnancy, bond with your baby, indulge in self-care, get some rest, and spend quality time with your partner.

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